Microsoft Supercharges Shopping with AI in Bing and Edge

  • How is Microsoft integrating AI into Bing search and Edge browser for better shopping?
  • AI-powered features have been added to Bing: Which ones?
Microsoft Boosts Shopping with AI in Bing & Edge

Microsoft is ramping up its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology across its products, as it recently announced the inclusion of new AI-powered shopping tools in its Bing search engine and Edge web browser.

The move comes after Microsoft unveiled an AI-driven version of Bing search in February, leveraging the powerful language technology behind ChatGPT, positioning its search engine as an "AI-powered copilot for the web." This enhancement allowed search results to incorporate information from OpenAI, and Bing introduced a chat window to assist users with tasks such as creating shopping lists, summarizing PDFs, generating LinkedIn posts, and providing advice on queries.

In early May, Microsoft granted access to the Bing AI chatbot for users with a Microsoft account and later expanded availability to all users by the end of the month.

Bing will utilize AI capabilities to generate personalized buying guides based on users' shopping-related searches. These guides will provide categories, product recommendations, and side-by-side comparisons for items related to a search term, such as "college supplies." Users can access these buying guides via Bing Chat or in the sidebar of the Edge browser. While the Bing guides are already available in the United States, they will soon be introduced in other markets. Similarly, the Edge buying guides are gradually rolling out worldwide.

For online shoppers who prefer quick answers or wish to bypass extensive research, Microsoft now offers a solution. With the help of AI, Bing Chat will suggest crucial aspects to consider when making a purchase, and users can then request a concise summary of what online users are saying about a particular product. The global rollout of review summaries began this week.

Once users have chosen their desired product, Microsoft's shopping tools focus on price optimization. The company has partnered with various US retailers that offer price-match policies. Even after making a purchase, users can rely on this feature to monitor the price of their item and assist in requesting a match if the price drops. Additionally, the Edge browser includes built-in price comparison and history features, with the ability to automatically apply online coupons and cash-back offers. Moreover, the Edge sidebar conveniently stores shipping confirmation and tracking number information, eliminating the need for users to search through their email inboxes. These features are currently available in select markets.

With these AI-powered additions, Microsoft aims to enhance the shopping experience for users of Bing and the Edge browser, providing valuable insights, convenience, and cost savings throughout the entire shopping journey.

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