IT Staff Augmentation

Enhance your initiatives with the best tech specialists that our staff augmentation service grants. We offer top talents to fill in roles in various IT-related projects. Atlasiko’s IT staff augmentation services help businesses to increase the capacity of their in-house tech departments or provide an augmented team created from the scratch according to clients’ requirements.

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IT Outsourcing

72 %

of all outsourcing contracts are outsourced IT services

90 %

of the global top 200 companies had IT consulting contracts in 2019

22 %

of increase in IT outsourcing industry value is expected in 2023 (over 2019’s numbers)

24 %

of small businesses outsource IT to develop efficiency

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Explore the variety of our staff augmentation services that will aid your projects, support your IT infrastructure, and advance the inner and outer tech-related operations of your business. As an experienced provider of IT Outsourcing Services, Atlasiko ensures top quality, best practices and productive communication.

Software Development Services

Augmentation Services for Active Projects

Add talented developers and other IT specialists to your current team to help you complete the project on schedule and to the highest standard. Use our IT staff augmentation services to create specialized teams with a broad range of expertise to meet your company's demands.

IT Consulting Company in Ukraine

Short-term Staff Augmentation Service

Make great use of Atlasiko’s short-term augmented services to hire tech talent quickly. We assemble teams of top talents that are prepared to work on any project with strict deadlines and are available to start the job in a week period after you’ve requested the staff augmentation service.

Web Development Company in Ukraine

Extended Staff Augmentation Services

Expand your team expertise with our specialists for an extended period of time if you have a big-scale multidimensional project to complete. Our staff augmentation services will assist you in coming to the finish line of your initiatives on time and with high-quality results.

Web Apps Development Company in Ukraine

Staff Augmentation Providers Transition

Change your augmented services provider without any delays or disruptions in your projects and operations. Atlasiko’s augmented personnel takes over your project in the middle of your trip and helps you switch vendors smoothly and effectively.

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Onboarding Support

The onboarding process for new hires will be handled by our skilled HR team, who will also assist with the transfer. Atlasiko ensures the proper implementation of our augmentation services and processes providing support for employee orientation and induction under new management.

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Managed Recruitment Services

Ensure stable collaboration with Atlasiko’s custom recruitment included in our IT staff augmentation services. You can hire a developer with the necessary hard and soft skills. While we handle the rest, you or your project manager can oversee task fulfillment.

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Augmented IT Team We Provide

Atlasiko Inc. employs only first-class professionals from different fields of information technology for augmentation staffing. Discover the list of our expert teams and individual specialists that you can contract out with our IT staff augmentation services.

Our Staff Augmentation IT Teams

  • Web Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • QA & Testers
  • Designers
  • DevOps Engineering Team

Best Staff IT Roles We Offer to Augment

  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Project Managers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Developers
  • QA & Test Automation Engineers
  • Software Architects
  • Testers
  • Data Architects
  • Integration Engineers

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Service

Staff augmentation services have proven to be highly advantageous for businesses. Gain the main IT staff augmentation service benefits with Atlasiko to outperform your competitors and acquire top results.

Saving costs

Lower the cost of employment using services of IT augmentation organizations for improving your IT department. This is essentially one of the top advantages of staff augmentation services. If you won't require an IT specialist's expertise after a certain project, it will be more cost-effective to hire them on a temporary basis rather than on a permanent basis.

Direct Communication

Select the beneficial IT staff augmentation services to manage augmented personnel without a third party. Corporate project management tools will enable you to personally assign tasks, set up sprints, and completely manage the procedure. Augmented developers will directly report to you and maintain open lines of contact.

Flexibility as a staff augmentation service benefit

Be free to add or remove as many IT specialists as you need in your augmented personnel. A weekly or monthly payment schedule, hourly rates, and other specifics can be agreed upon with the IT staff augmentation companies. The model is also adaptable when it comes to budgeting.

Improved quality

Request skill-based engineering staff augmentation to have your teams consist of only talented software developers and other IT professionals. Unquestionably, their knowledge and expertise have a favorable impact on project outcomes, which is one of the key advantages of staff augmentation services.

Affordability of the staff augmentation pricing model

Think about hiring an enhanced staff, if recruiting full-time specialists is outside of your goals and budgeted budgets. One of the benefits of collaboration with staff augmentation companies is that the cost can be altered due to the chosen staff augmentation pricing model. In most cases, the price is less than what would be paid for internal development services.

Enhanced productivity

Increase efficiency with the contracted-out employees who can focus on your project instead of having to divide their attention between other side projects. Because they can perform several tasks at once, they would be more productive than an outsourcing team.

Technologies for IT Outsource we work with

Experts in Atlasiko Inc. software solution company use only the best technologies in the software development process to create a responsive solution that will fully satisfy the needs of your business.

Front-end Development

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • Nuxt
  • PWA
  • SaaS
  • Web Components

Back-end Development

  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • C++
  • NODE
  • PHP
  • GO


  • MongoDB
  • PostGreSQL

Mobile App Development

  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • iOS
  • Electron
  • Android

Test automation tools

  • selenium
  • postman
  • xcuit
  • appium
  • protractor


  • CHEF
  • Kubernetes

Our Process of Staff Augmentation

Get yourself acquainted with our staff augmentation process and its stages. We deliver all of our IT services with maximum transparency and stability.


Assessment of Requirements

We start our staff augmentation projects by determining the precise personnel requirements and developing a strategy for staff augmentation services with a fully comprehensive view of corporate goals.


Candidate Evaluation

Based on the job description, we recommend to our clients a list of talented candidates and enthusiastic on-demand workers that fit the requirements of tasks and projects.


Selection of augmented staff members

We filter the applicants based on the specified characteristics, or the Objectives & Key Results system, and present them for final selection during the staff augmentation process.



We deploy the chosen on-demand personnel at the client's site or set up a work-from-home environment based on what working model is most suitable for the client.


After-Recruitment Support

We provide post-recruitment assistance and services after the hiring process is complete to ensure improved productivity and increase return on investment.

IT Staff Augmentation Service Timeline

24 hours – CVs
We thoroughly analyze your staff augmentation service request to find and present you with the CVs of the most suitable candidates who are available from our resources for each role in your project.
2-5 days – Interviews
We organize interviews with the chosen specialists so you can decide on hiring, check their knowledge, and communication skills, and simply get to know each other better to ensure fruitful collaboration.
1 week – Documentation
After agreeing upon the scope of the staff augmentation project, we seal the deal by signing the service level agreement which is a guarantee of quality service delivery.
1-2 days – Start of work
In this term, we help to set up proper communication between your management and newly augmented employees to start your project execution.
Atlasiko IT Outsourcing Team
Quality-focused and affordable services
Best practices from one of the first-class IT providers
Flexible models for successful collaboration
Highly qualified specialists of global IT outsourcing

Atlasiko is a Top Staff Augmentation Service Provider

Entrust your IT projects to our team of true professionals

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Industries represented
Budget adherence
Customer satisfaction
Infrastructure cost savings
Deadlines followed

Why Our Staff Augmentation Company

Exceptional experience

Atlasiko Inc. has a hands-on experience of more than 8 years performing our top-notch services.

Trusted by enterprises

Our IT staff augmentation company has over 500 clients across the world including large enterprises.

Agile hiring process

We are able to hire IT specialists swiftly and professionally to provide you with the best candidates ASAP.

Time zone aligned

With our advantageous locations in the USA, the UK, and Ukraine, we can easily adapt to the client’s time zone.

On-demand recruitment

In accordance with your needs, our staff augmentation firm recruits top professionals with specific skill sets.

Staff augmentation from Ukraine

Atlasiko Inc. provides global enterprises and SMEs with beneficial opportunities to hire top IT talents from Ukraine.

Staff augmentation in the USA

We ensure quality services of staff augmentation in Philadelphia and nearshore states like NY, NJ, OH, WV, MD, VA, DE, CT, MA, and others.

Flexible pricing

Our IT staff augmentation firm offers flexible pricing plans to choose from i.e. monthly-based, hourly-based, and Time & Material based.

Best Augmentation Cooperation Models

We deliver our best augmentation services supporting 3 main cooperation models. All variants ensure transparent payments and profitable features, so you can choose without doubts and be sure of positive outcomes. If you struggle to select the right model, contact us and receive a professional consultation about our best IT staff augmentation.

Time and Material

Estimates hourly labor rates and resource costs to provide you with the quote. Price can be negotiated as the model is change-friendly.

Fixed Price

Covers the entire project providing the quote with set costs and budget. Gives full management control with beforehand defined deliverables.

Monthly Salary + Fee

Ensures the direct management to the client side for projects of any scale. Considered to be budget-friendly with monthly, service-oriented payments.

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We Are Trusted by Large Enterprises

Atlasiko Inc. empowers innovations with top-rate IT services for businesses of any size and industry helping them to reach success.


Case Studies

Join the list of progressive businesses that chose the IT services of our software development company to become closer to achieving their goals. Atlasiko Inc. ensures thorough communication and positive results of cooperation. Take a glimpse of what projects we’ve been able to successfully carry out so far.


Find the answers to the most popular questions and our services that often appear. If you need some further explanation and details, contact our team.

What is staff aug?

We refer to staff augmentation as one of the outsourcing models for the short-term usage of an external workforce supplied by a third party to add to an internal team at a client company. More info about the model you can find in our recent article.

Is fully remote staff augmentation possible?

Atlasiko can help you handle your IT needs fully remotely our the best augmentation service. It is among our specialties to perform successful remote recruitment, onboarding, remote documentation, and managing contracts-related duties.

Will Atlasiko provide staff augmentation services in my time zone?

Without a doubt, you can employ our professional remote developers to work in accordance with your deadlines, milestones, and time zones. We have offices in 3 geographically beneficial locations i.e. Philadelphia, the USA, London, the UK, and Vinnytsia in Ukraine. Get in contact with us to learn more.

How do I select the top IT staff augmentation providers?

Among the most significant factor is evaluating the general experience and expertise of the selected staff augmentation providers, as well as learning about their prior projects and on-demand hiring results. This can help you get a better picture of the staff augmentation service provider's true capabilities.
8 years
Of experience in delivering IT services
Clients appreciated benefits of collaboration
Successfully completed projects
Company growth within 2 years
Thanks to Atlasiko's rigorous efforts, the client's CTI remarkably increased by 7,300%. Brand awareness among customers also significantly grew by 230% and site browsing clicks increased from 25 to 4,132 per month. The team was also quick in responding and fixing issues raised by the client.
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D Atlasiko review
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D
The company has received positive feedback for the website, with end users praising its sleek and clean design. Stakeholders have also been happy with Atlasiko’s work. The team is highly responsive, and they communicate well. They’re accountability also stands out during the engagement.
Alex Hull Atlasiko review
Alex Hull, Administrative Marketing Assistant, Stone Park USA
Atlastiko has successfully created and launched the website. As a result, the client is able to sell their product. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their dedication to helping clients has been impressive.
Mykhailo Fedoras Atlasiko review
Mykhailo Fedoras, Business Development Manager, Easy Stone Shop
Atlasiko has successfully completed the software customization in a fairly tight timeline. They've added unique features for the client's specific marketplace needs. They communicate regularly through emails and video chats, and they have a smooth collaboration with the client.
Daniel Bracken Atlasiko review
Daniel Bracken, Head of Product, CountertopSmart
Atlasiko has completed the website but is still under the estimation process for the mobile application. The team has been managing the workflow excellently, although some concerns are not yet completely addressed. But overall, they make up for it through their consistent updates and strong support.
Bob Petrov Atlasiko review
Bob Petrov, Operations Manager,

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