Bing’s AI Chatbot is Coming Soon With Images Generator

  • Bing AI Chatbot can now create images 
  • Microsoft and OpenAI collaboration for DALL-E integration into the chatbot 
Bing’s AI Chatbot is Coming Soon With Images Generator | Atlasiko Inc.

Get ready for a groundbreaking feature in chatbots, as Microsoft unveils its Bing AI chatbot's latest ability to create images. Bing can now generate stunning visuals by simply typing "create an image" followed by a prompt. With this latest feature, the corporation takes a step further into the future of AI-powered content generation.

Just as in other AI-powered image generators, the Bing AI chatbot's output is determined by the level of detail in the prompt provided. So, the more specific and comprehensive the prompt, the more accurate and consistent the output will be. However, not all Bing preview users have gotten the access to the image generation yet, as the feature is being released in phases. Initially, it will only be available in one of the three modes namely "Creative". It is worth adding that this “personality” is the most prone to incorrect responses.

Due to potential failures Microsoft has also put additional safeguards in place to prevent the generation of harmful images, as they did with the chatbot's text output. In the company`s blog Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, wrote “When our system detects that a potentially harmful image could be generated by a prompt, it blocks the prompt and warns the user”.

Since Microsoft has been working collaboratively with OpenAI, the Bing AI chatbot expects to use an advanced version of the DALL-E generator developed by the company. This cutting-edge technology is a powerful image generator that can create a wide range of images from textual prompts.

Microsoft has been trying to include more AI functions across all its products throughout the year, and the "new Bing" was introduced in February. Bing Chat integration was added to the Edge browser and the Windows 11 taskbar soon after. Last week, Microsoft also unveiled Copilot, an AI tool for generating documents, emails, notes, and presentations using the former Microsoft Office apps. More closely about this announcement you can read in our previous news. So, the company makes efforts for its latest novelty to exactly meet users' needs.

To access all the features of the Bing chatbot, users must opt-in to the preview. While the preview is currently invite-only, new sign-ups are being accepted.

In conclusion, with this latest breakthrough in chatbot technology, it's clear that the future of AI-powered image generation will bring more satisfaction for users to generate their ideas. Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI is making the project possible. So, if you're ready to experience the future of chatbots, sign up for the Bing preview today and witness this groundbreaking feature in action! Besides, we suggest you to overview all the recent news and read about OpenAi’s GPT-4 model.

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