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Upgrade your business processes and IT infrastructure with IT offshoring services by Atlasiko Inc. Our offshore outsourcing software development company assists companies of various sizes and industries in accelerating business growth. Entrust managing your IT needs to the professionals with all-encompassing expertise using all benefits of offshore outsourcing.

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Offshore outsourcing services we offer

IT Consulting

Develop a comprehensive plan and IT strategy to address current business difficulties with the aid of our offshore outsourcing service of consulting.

  • Atlasiko Inc., as an offshore outsourcing company, will help your business create customer service performance roadmaps, choose the best ways to accomplish goals, and put forward advanced ideas.
  • Our offshoring consultants and experts in outsourcing consultancy will see to it that all IT efforts and ideas are developed into effective, comprehensive, and feasible strategies.

Custom Software Development Services

Offshore IT services of software development to get specialized and effective software that will assist in improving your organization.

  • To provide professional software development services outsourcing, Atlasiko Inc.'s developers have a wide range of skills and experience working with various software creation technologies.
  • As a provider of offshore programming services, we develop programs of any kind in order to meet the needs of every single client and offer ongoing support.

UI/UX Design

Hire our offshore software outsourcing company to receive a perfect design for your apps and software.

  • Atlasiko gives you the opportunity to employ skilled individuals with exceptional skills in 3D designing and rendering, as well as UX/UI design, that will find the solution to any challenge.
  • Our IT offshore design services will provide you the chance to create your company's distinctive visuals and personalized brand logotypes along with an aesthetically pleasing user interface for IT products.

Web Development Services

Get web development offshoring services, and our experts will provide you with the ideal web-based solution for your CRM, and other needs.

  • You’ll receive websites and web apps quickly and at a lower cost thanks to Atlasiko's offshore resourcing IT services.
  • Offshore outsourcing services of web development to streamline business operations and make customer interactions easier via responsive web-based solutions.

IT Infrastructure Support

Acquire offshored IT support from our IT offshoring services firm for your information technology infrastructure.

  • We guarantee top-notch offshore IT support services that monitor and optimize each component of businesses' IT infrastructures or the system as a whole.
  • We provide comprehensive analysis, an IT help desk to address problems, and the development of new IT infrastructure components for growth as part of our IT support offshoring services.

Analytics Services

Receive first-rate data analysis and IT report systems offshored from Atlasiko Inc.

  • As part of our managed offshore outsource services, we will construct the most appropriate self-analytics solution that aids in data collection and the creation of automated reports upon your request.
  • As an offshoring service provider, Atlasiko Inc. enables businesses to swiftly and accurately collect analytics results, streamlining management and outcome evaluation.

QA and Testing

Hire IT experts of Atlasiko offshore company to get relevant testing procedures done for precise quality assurance.

  • With our offshore outsourcing service of testing, you can examine the procedures and various components of the program, including security, functionality, and usability while reducing the danger of using subpar software.
  • Our experts, that provide IT QA offshoring services, will create a testing plan that is suited for the development process of your projects and covers all stages.

Software Maintenance

Utilize the offshore resource of Atlasiko Inc., an offshore outsourcing software development company, to take care of your implemented IT solutions.

  • Our offshore IT maintenance service guarantees ongoing assistance, prompt resolution of any problems, and modernization of management systems in line with cutting-edge technologies.
  • You can either hire our professionals to handle full maintenance management or offshore information technology to supplement your internal support team.


Protect all activities and databases working with the IT outsourcing company Atlasiko can help you to ensure that all your websites, applications, and client networks have the fewest possible flaws.

  • This IT offshoring solution gives assurances that your program complies with all necessary standards and norms (HIPPA, GDPR, PCI DSS).
  • We can identify IT infrastructure vulnerabilities and fix them to stop system breaches with the help of thorough cybersecurity testing.
IT offshoring services

What is IT offshoring in business?

With the appearance of new tech businesses and the increased need for IT experts, the human resource shortfall becomes more apparent in some regions of the global market. To cover the lack of specialists in IT services many companies use offshoring in order to do what their business requires without significant raises in costs. IT offshoring services provide businesses with needed human resources, that work internationally and are highly qualified. Offshoring is the practice of moving production or giving corporate work to professionals abroad. It means that a business hires IT specialists or even opens an office in other countries, where wages and taxes are lesser, to shorten expenses and get employees with needed skills. Atlasiko Inc., as an experienced offshore outsourcing company, presents businesses with the opportunity of offshore BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and the most popular IT services.

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Benefits of Offshoring Services

Low price to high quality ratio

Hiring staff or expanding your business to the new location requires a lot of investments. The main advantage of offshore outsourcing is that such offshoring services have proven to be great means to shorten expenses. So, when you choose BPO offshore to the other country with lower taxes and labor prices, it significantly reduces the cost of such processes.

Flexibility of offshore business processing

It goes without saying that your business won't always require a full development crew, nor will the duties that must be completed always be the same. The ability to manage your company's workforce by adjusting it in accordance with your demands and requirements is provided by hiring a remote development team from our offshore outsourcing company. You will be able to choose the team members who have the necessary expertise for a particular project as a company owner.

Focus on the development of business

Owners and managers usually have a lot on their plates as they work to expand a business. As a result, attempting to manage the technical portion of the project will be exhausting, and the outcome won't be satisfactory enough. Offshoring IT services will therefore make things run more smoothly and allow business owners to devote more attention to important operational aspects.


Offshoring services provide companies with a great opportunity for expansion. Hiring employees or opening other offices overseas can be made not just at a lesser cost and with more competitive advantages, but with less risk of a failed deployment. When you offshore business process outsourcing, it technically expands your company, although, the danger of lessening ROI is reduced.

Worldwide expertise

Programmers and other IT specialists that work internationally have priceless experience in running or participating in different projects all around the world. Their skills in collaborating with global companies or regional firms will help you to develop business with valuable insights.

Technologies for Offshoring we work with

Experts in Atlasiko Inc. software solution company use only the best technologies in the software development process to create a responsive solution that will fully satisfy the needs of your business.

Front-end Development

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • Nuxt
  • PWA
  • SaaS
  • Web Components

Back-end Development

  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • C++
  • Node
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Go


  • MongoDB
  • PostGreSQL

Mobile App Development

  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • iOS
  • Electron
  • Android

Test automation tools

  • selenium
  • postman
  • xcuit
  • appium
  • protractor


  • CHEF
  • Kubernetes

Pros and Cons of Offshoring Solutions

Of course, along with numerous advantages, offshoring and outsourcing might bring your organization some difficulties you should be aware of beforehand to handle issues properly. Let’s take a close look at all benefits, peculiarities and risks of IT offshoring that a business might deal with.


  • High-quality services with affordable price
  • Resilience of offshore business process outsourcing
  • Focus on business development
  • Scalability
  • Access to the expertise of international specialists


  • Difference in time zones
  • Language barrier
  • Different labor laws
  • Cultural differences

Risks of IT offshoring

Time zones issue

If you offshore resources or have outsourcing offshore from a significantly different time zone, it might create a communication gap. Even though you made an effort to manage your daily duties, you will eventually require an immediate answer in an emergency. The management of your remote workforce takes some getting used to.

Lacking language skills

Offshore business resources only after you made sure the offshore outsourcing company can provide you with specialists that have a decent level of language skills. However, this issue isn’t common compared to other offshore outsourcing risks as most offshore outsourcing software development companies require at the very least intermediate knowledge of English from their employees.

Differences in law

To define the connection between staff and employers, each nation has its own set of labor laws and regulations. It's a good idea to research your legal options before deciding to enter new markets.

Cultural aspects

Undoubtedly, it facilitates productive collaboration on a variety of projects to have a place of cultural affinity with your staff. You risk missing out on this if you rely solely on IT offshoring services.

Types of Offshore IT Atlasiko Inc. engages in


Our offshore outsourcing company specializes in offshoring BPO and IT services overseas helping businesses in receiving needed offshore programming services from our offshoring consultants. Atlasiko Inc. ensures the high quality of our IT offshoring services and minimum risks.


Atlasiko Inc. offshores IT services to the neighboring countries covering any need for skilled programmers and IT specialists in the region. We ensure maintaining of cost efficiency that offshoring usually brings but use cultural and time zone similarities as a benefit.


We enable outsourcing consultancy and services within countries Atlasiko Inc. has offices. Our offshore software outsourcing company gives your organization to quickly add needed human resources with high-quality skills from the company’s home nation.

Hiring Models of our Offshore Resources

Dedicated Team

Submit a request for the whole team of experts who handle full-cycle development and other management services to be offshored. This strategy entails that our offshore software outsourcing company offers you expertise in various processes to cover all phases of carrying out your projects, from initial consulting and analysis all the way up to implementation and support.

Project Development

Hire services from the Atlasiko software outsourcing company to handle your projects in accordance with the previously defined standards and performance indicators. For businesses that are focused on achieving certain objectives within predetermined timelines but lack software development professionals in their crew, this type of managed IT offshoring is ideal.

Staff Augmentation

Integrate specialists from our software development firm into your internal team for strengthening the IT infrastructure and increase of efficiency. This hiring model of offshoring and outsourcing digital technologies is thought to be dynamic and economical because you’re able to select the number of professionals you want to add to the crew, their specializations, and quickly get access to their services.

Ukraine as one of the best IT Offshoring Destinations

Explore opportunities that IT offshore outsourcing in Ukraine may bring to your business. Our software development company can estimate the advantages of hiring Ukrainian IT specialists and outsourcing and offshoring services to this country out of our own experience. Atlasiko Inc. has two offices: one of them is based in Philadelphia (PA, USA) and another is in Vinnytsia (Ukraine). Here are some facts about offshore IT outsourcing in Ukraine that might surprise you.


There are about 212 000 or more IT specialists in Ukraine, making it a significant source of tech talent. Companies that outsource and offshore IT to Ukraine employ more than 60%.

Ukraine takes 2nd place (after India) in the list of Top 10 outsourcing countries worldwide.

Large corporations like Microsoft, eBay, Apple Inc., Skype, and others profit from IT offshoring to the country.

Gartner included Ukraine in the list of the top 30 locations for IT offshoring and outsourcing and placed Ukraine in the list of the top 40 countries for business processing outsourcing.

The EU and the US are their main clients, and Ukraine's software Research & Development and IT service markets are growing 4-5 times faster than other countries globally.

About 80% of the IT community in Ukraine speaks English so you don’t need to worry about the language barrier.

This country also has the largest number of specialists who have expertise in C++ programming globally.

SkillValue ranks Ukrainian software engineers 8th among European countries with the Score Index of 91.26.

HackerRank assessed the skills of Ukrainian software developers with a Score Index of 88.7 points which makes them take 11th place globally. Moreover, among countries with the best developers by domain Ukraine has the 1st rank in security.

In 2017 Global Sourcing Association (GSA) designated Ukraine the Offshoring Destination of the Year.

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Case Studies

Join the list of progressive businesses that chose the IT services of our software development company to become closer to achieving their goals. Atlasiko Inc. ensures thorough communication and positive results of cooperation. Take a glimpse of what projects we’ve been able to successfully carry out so far.


Find the answers to the most popular questions and our services that often appear. If you need some further explanation and details, contact our team.

What is offshoring in IT?

It’s important to define offshoring in IT. It is the process of moving operations of IT infrastructure or ownership of an entire business process to a country other than the one (or countries) in which the company requesting the services is based.

What is offshoring and outsourcing difference?

It’s easy to get confused with two similar services such as offshoring and outsourcing. Indeed, the definition of outsourcing and offshoring is akin. You might also come upon the statement that offshoring is the type of outsourcing. However, there is an offshore vs outsource difference. When a business hires a third party to handle a certain task, it is known as outsourcing because the person or team that is hired has expertise in the task at hand. Businesses that offshore move internal jobs to another country with usually cheaper labor costs. Both may result in financial savings for a business, but only offshore refers to the act of moving work elsewhere.

Why do companies offshore IT services?

IT offshoring services are considered to be highly advantageous for businesses. The offshore approach reduces unnecessary stress, effort, and cost while helping a corporation enhance output and improve technical knowledge. Offshoring is essentially just extending your firm with a new team of people who have new and complementary capabilities.

How to select the right partner among offshore outsourcing companies?

It’s not simple to choose one offshoring partner out of a big variety of offshore outsourcing companies. To make a decision, take an impartial look at projects and offshoring solutions these offshoring consultants have delivered before. You can even contact previous clients of these offshore outsourcing software development companies to find out details about the experience of collaboration. Check out not just the level of programming skills but also language knowledge, swiftness of responding, and communication in general. It’s important to make sure that representatives of your business have all qualities to maintain and improve the image of your brand.
8 years
Of experience in delivering IT services
Clients appreciated benefits of collaboration
Successfully completed projects
Company growth within 2 years
Thanks to Atlasiko's rigorous efforts, the client's CTI remarkably increased by 7,300%. Brand awareness among customers also significantly grew by 230% and site browsing clicks increased from 25 to 4,132 per month. The team was also quick in responding and fixing issues raised by the client.
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D Atlasiko review
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D
The company has received positive feedback for the website, with end users praising its sleek and clean design. Stakeholders have also been happy with Atlasiko’s work. The team is highly responsive, and they communicate well. They’re accountability also stands out during the engagement.
Alex Hull Atlasiko review
Alex Hull, Administrative Marketing Assistant, Stone Park USA
Atlastiko has successfully created and launched the website. As a result, the client is able to sell their product. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their dedication to helping clients has been impressive.
Mykhailo Fedoras Atlasiko review
Mykhailo Fedoras, Business Development Manager, Easy Stone Shop
Atlasiko has successfully completed the software customization in a fairly tight timeline. They've added unique features for the client's specific marketplace needs. They communicate regularly through emails and video chats, and they have a smooth collaboration with the client.
Daniel Bracken Atlasiko review
Daniel Bracken, Head of Product, CountertopSmart
Atlasiko has completed the website but is still under the estimation process for the mobile application. The team has been managing the workflow excellently, although some concerns are not yet completely addressed. But overall, they make up for it through their consistent updates and strong support.
Bob Petrov Atlasiko review
Bob Petrov, Operations Manager,

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