Microsoft Announces new AI-Powered Bing with ChatGPT Powers

  • The digital environment is getting rich daily through new implementations and technological breakthroughs. 
  • Extended opportunities with Bing searcher and Edge browser from Microsoft Corporation. 
AI Powered Bing with ChatGPT Powers

Microsoft improved options

Microsoft presents the AI-powered Bing searcher and Edge browser. People are used to managing search engines and browsers, but internet technologies are always improving. The aim of CEO of Microsoft company was to enhance the managing process. Clear, extended resources boost results in searching, so such changes for users are necessary.

Microsoft has opened up new advanced features for users by launching the Bing search engine and Edge browser based on artificial intelligence. These options provide users with better flexibility. The systems allow people to interact with GPT-4 (the latest version of the AI language model) in such ways as asking questions and getting responses.

Unsurprisingly, this development from Microsoft proposes users lots of benefits. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all-search”.

Bing & Edge features

Bing delivers search results quicker with OpenAI technologies. This solution is supposed to give users more speed opportunities in searching.

A new Edge browser has a lot of AI features built into the sidebar. The "chat" and "compose" are two new functions, that will assist you in better searching. They provide you with the ability to ask diverse questions and get extended answers, thus, making users more informed. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask fun questions, and get serious answers. AI-powered search works in a similar way as ChatGPT.

The new Bing and Edge were stated as “Copilot for the web”. These solutions have ushered a new era in digitalizing with such improvements as quick extended search, fully displayed information, chat experience. Edge browser has AI capabilities that give you inspiration for solving your issues and tasks.

Prometheus solution

Developers created a corporate way of working with OpenAI language models based on the Microsoft Prometheus model. They assure the model helps them to use OpenAI power better. With the help of AI in Bing search, they accelerate searching with more accuracy and relevance.

Finally, programmers also paid attention to prevent displaying inappropriate content. Teams of developers are working on data safety, increase of security from disinformation, and other important features for users.

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