Polygon revealed its AI assistant, Polygon Copilot

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Polygon revealed its AI assistant, Polygon Copilot

Blockchain scaling solution Polygon announced the launch of its AI assistant, Polygon Copilot, further expanding the list of Web3 companies integrating AI technology. Polygon Copilot, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT, offers users a conversational interface that enhances their experience by providing a wealth of interactions through simple inquiries. Polygon, known for its interoperability and scaling framework for Ethereum-compatible blockchains, acknowledged the challenge of navigating the extensive dApps ecosystem without proper guidance in the era of zero-knowledge-powered scaling.

Polygon Copilot, developed in collaboration with LayerE, incorporates OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models into its interface. The AI assistant aims to deliver insights, analytics, and guidance, utilizing its training on Polygon protocol documentation. Transparency and accuracy are prioritized, as Polygon Copilot shares the sources of the information it provides in its responses.

To cater to users at different levels of the ecosystem, Polygon Copilot offers three tiers: Beginner, Advanced, and Degen. Users must connect a wallet to act as their user account, with assigned credits for asking questions. Additional credits are replenished every 24 hours. However, Polygon advises users not to accept all answers at face value, recognizing that the nascent AI technology employed by Copilot may sometimes provide inaccurate information. To prevent spamming and overload, the chatbot generates a limited number of responses.

Polygon Copilot AI Assistant

Polygon's foray into AI integration aligns with a growing trend among Web3 companies. Alchemy, Solana Labs, and Etherscan are among the other firms developing ChatGPT plugins and clones. The term "copilot" is not exclusive to Polygon, as it is also utilized by Microsoft's Security Copilot and GitHub's Copilot coding assistant.

As of now, Polygon has not responded to Decrypt's request for comment regarding its recent launch of Polygon Copilot.

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