Web Development Trends In 2024: Looking Forward To Innovation

  • Discover the web development trends that will predominate in the field in 2024.
  • Benefits of the newest web development technologies for businesses.
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Web Development Trends 2024

With today’s abundance of various digital solutions, you need to be well-versed with all available technologies and keep up with the latest web development trends to create a standout web-based product. Every year the web changes, obtaining new qualities, standards, functional characteristics, visual effects, etc. In the upcoming year 2024, developers anticipate an even bigger shift in the web development field due to the considerable innovations fast-progressing during 2023.

Here, we compiled the list of the most prominent web trends for 2024 and analyzed their impact on the state of web development in general. This article will give valuable insights for both developers and customers. Web developers can discover what technologies and skills they need to master to stay relevant professionals on the market and produce cutting-edge digital products. At the same time, business owners who plan on requesting web development services can explore the latest trends in web development and add ideas of popular features to their projects.

Professionals at Atlasiko Inc. always explore opportunities to advance and the latest web development technologies to enhance our work, the quality, innovativeness, and relevancy of our solutions to the current state of IT. By observing the course of development and the breakthroughs in the tech field that we’ve been experiencing this year, we can form our expectations about what new web development trends will dominate in 2024.

Trends in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Among all development trends, AI and ML technologies undoubtedly take the leading positions. Many believe that artificial intelligence is the main factor determining the future of web development for not just the next year but decades ahead. We can already see how AI programming alters the way developers work and create software. Integrating these technologies into your websites and web apps can help you expand the solutions’ capabilities and increase engagement by predicting user decisions and choices. Professional AI programmers can use these latest technologies in web development in several efficient ways which include the utilization of tools for website vulnerability testing, Artificial Design Intelligence technology, AI/ML-driven content personalization and SEO, coding assistants, as well as chatbots and voice search. The last two use cases now have become standalone website development trends so we covered them further in the article.

Benefits of AI/ML development trend

  • Faster web development process.
  • Assistance with coding, bug detection and fixing.
  • Automated testing and quality assurance.
  • Enhancement of user experience.
  • Data analytics and insights for a better decision-making process.

Low-code/No-code development

Modern web development gives programmers and non-programmers more opportunities and tech stacks to create websites and applications with less effort and resources. Users with no programming skills can create web applications using visual programming features (drag-and-drop tools and a visual interface) thanks to Low-code/No-code development. According to Gartner, at least one of these technologies will be implemented in approximately 70% of developed applications by 2025. Low-code/No-code programming types became web development trends mostly because of the need for businesses to swiftly and effectively create distinctive web apps without depending on expensive services provided by specialists. Atlasiko Inc. knows everything about the advantages of Low-code/No-code development as we’ve created a SaaS platform that uses No-code programming and allows our customers to use its capabilities as well. You can find out more about the GudHub platform and start utilizing it for your business management.

Why use this latest trend in web development

  • Shortened development time (by 50 to 90%).
  • Lower development costs.
  • Increased agility of web-based solutions.
  • Citizen development capabilities for end users.
  • Easier maintenance.

Progressive web applications

Among current trends in web development, progressive web applications (PWA) take one of the leading positions. This type of app makes use of the latest technologies in web development to provide users with features similar to those found in platform-specific applications. Moreover, PWAs are designed to work flawlessly on various devices, including desktop computers and mobile phones, providing a constant user experience across all platforms. To give improved capabilities, dependability, and installability, PWAs combine the best characteristics of traditional websites and native apps.

Benefits of PWA web development trend

  • Platform-specific functionality.
  • Omnichannel experience.
  • Better performance thanks to JavaScript service workers.
  • Increased user engagement rates thanks to offline availability.
  • Simple installation process without third parties.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

The current trends in website development include AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. These innovative solutions are used by many businesses across multiple industries to improve customer engagement management, support services, marketing, sales, and other goals. Modern chatbot solution providers concentrate on the creation of cutting-edge platforms and apps to provide to client businesses and end users in response to the increased demand for chatbot services. A modern type of chatbot and virtual assistant enhanced with AI is essentially a piece of software that uses natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human-like discussions for consumers. Chatbots that use NLP can comprehend tasks and inquiries more thoroughly, discover the right answer in the datasets they use for machine learning, and provide users with human-like responses. These chatbots and virtual assistants acquire the stylistic, syntactic, lexical, and other quirks of human speech as they gather and analyze data to give responses from sources made by people.

Advantages of using these web development new trends

  • Improved customer service with quick and multilingual responses.
  • Increased interactions and client engagement.
  • Collecting client data useful for business development.
  • Increase in session duration.
  • Higher website traffic thanks to direct links to your chatbot from various channels.

Single-page applications

As one of the latest web development trends, the creation of single-page applications has become popular thanks to their favorable features such as relatively uncomplicated setup and robust security. This web app implementation, also known as an SPA, loads just one web page and uses JavaScript APIs to alter the body content of that page. Since servers don’t need to load a full new page as a response to every user action, the overall performance is substantially faster. This quality also enhances user experience because visitors can utilize a website and get feedback right away without having to wait.

Single-page applications

Benefits of opting for SPA for businesses

  • Improved speed of loading and responsiveness in comparison with traditional websites.
  • Enhanced user experience thanks to high performance and simple navigation structures.
  • Enabled cross-platform support.
  • Shorter development time because of the parallel work on the front-end and back-end for SPAs.
  • Fewer resources are required.

Voice search optimization and UI

The practice of optimizing web pages to show up in voice searches is included in our list of the newest web development trends. The development of voice assistants has helped voice search optimization technology become increasingly widespread. The voice user interface (VUI) also achieved great recognition becoming the next-gen UI that enables users to navigate through and interact with web solutions with their voice. Using the capabilities of NLP and ML, both voice UI and search optimization significantly increase the accessibility and visibility of your website or web application. We predict both of these technologies to stay among the 2024 web development trends.

Advantageous features of these web development latest technologies

  • Increased visibility of your website.
  • Improved customer experience thanks to optimized search and voice-enabled navigation.
  • Better focus on a target audience.
  • More flexibility and accessibility for users with VUI.
  • Competitive advantage for businesses.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing takes its rightful place among the most popular web development technologies. According to Precedence Research, the overall value of the cloud computing market is anticipated to reach $1 trillion in 2028. The technology has proven to be extremely beneficial for web developers because, in place of a local server or personal computer, it employs remote servers connected to the internet to store, manage, and process data. It provides web app developers with the flexibility to access software, and data from any location, enabling more rapid innovation. Even though cloud computing has been used for many years in different fields of IT, the tendencies in modern web development stack prove that this model isn’t going anywhere and will stay among web development trends in 2024.

Why cloud computing is one of the top development trends

  • Guaranteed higher accessibility for web apps.
  • More capacity for scaling.
  • Cost savings thanks to delegating data center and server infrastructure to third-party cloud providers.
  • Faster development time because of the abundance of resources and various cloud services.
  • Enhanced security.

Serverless architecture

Together with other trends for web development we mentioned above, the serverless architecture approach has gained great popularity among web developers and designers. Serverless technology is one of the main types of cloud services and computing categories. The goal of serverless computing is to develop app functionality while eliminating the need for infrastructure management. A cloud service provider must set up the servers on which developers' databases, apps, and storage systems will run, but developers are free to generate and distribute their code. Serverless architectures are also extremely scalable and event-driven.

Trends for web development

Benefits of serverless architecture as a web development trend

  • Reduced costs since web developers only pay for the used server space provided by the third party.
  • Event-based project scaling capabilities.
  • Shorter development time and rapid innovation due to agile architecture and faster deployments.
  • Focus on core web application and user experience thanks to relocated responsibility for resources, architecture, server deployment, etc.
  • Reduced latency.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are development trends that emerge from the DevOps methodology. CI involves the practice of automatically and promptly testing each change made to your codebase. Changes are pushed to a staging or production system after undergoing testing as part of the continuous integration process. While CI automates updates to applications, CD goes further by moving apps into production for comprehensive testing. Developers at Atlasiko Inc. use the CI/CD approach as a part of our DevOps services so we know for sure what benefits it can bring to your web development process.

Why use the CI/CD web development technologies

  • Shortened time-to-market.
  • Decreased time for code review and more efficient bug fixing.
  • Excellent code quality because of the provided test automation.
  • Reduced costs due to the automation of source code management, version control, deployment, etc.
  • Continuous feedback and monitoring ensure transparency and data-driven innovation.

API-first development approach

A growing number of developers recognize the advantages of beginning to build products from the API up. The key reason why this approach has become one of the latest trends in web development is that it makes sure that other developers are able to simply use microservice applications and architecture to connect your APIs to theirs, conduct voice searches, or work with linked devices. The user's needs come first under the API-first strategy. When a user accesses a website, development teams can work on their tasks and push the code simultaneously by using web APIs.

Benefits of API-first trends in web design

  • Lowered the cost of development and faster delivery.
  • Accelerated time-to-market thanks to enabled parallel development.
  • Reduced risks and quick adaptation to requirement changes.
  • Pluggable architecture ensures flexibility to updates.
  • Language and cross-platform compatibility. 

Mixed reality

It has been a long time coming that the developer community recognized and appreciated the potential of mixed reality (MR) as a web design and development trend. In recent years, numerous firms have already acknowledged the significance of AR/VR technology and its benefits which sparked the popularity of using them in various industries. The combined AR/VR market is expected to show a growth of 13.75% in a period from 2023 to 2027, according to Statista. Virtual and augmented reality present distinctive options for organizations to engage with customers by providing an immersive and interactive environment and enhancing user experience. Our company offers advanced AR solutions for businesses and their beneficial features.

mixed reality (MR) as a web design

Pros of AR/VR latest technologies for web development

  • Enhancement in customer experience and growth in conversion rates.
  • Advanced product or process visualization.
  • Focus on the new-gen target audience.
  • Competitive advantages in comparison with other similar web solutions.
  • Simple implementation.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Together with progressive web apps and responsive design strategies, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) also take a special place in the list of the latest trends in web design and development. The main focus of this framework is producing web page designs and content that are mobile-optimized and load rapidly on mobile devices. To speed up websites and ensure a good mobile experience with optimized landing pages, AMP employs a variety of optimization strategies such as setting up AMP advertisements, for example. Because of its distinctive architecture and improved efficiency, developers can avoid typical coding issues.

Why choose AMP for your web solution project

  • Better performance with faster page loading.
  • Beneficial for search engine optimization.
  • Enhanced experience for users thanks to optimized pages.
  • Reduced data consumption for mobile device users.
  • Simple implementation and focus on security.

Cybersecurity focus

In recent years, we’ve been seeing unfortunate statistics showing the increase in cyber-attacks and threats. As revealed in the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Insights Report by Zayo Group, only in the first part of 2023 the number of DDoS attacks increased up to 200% compared to 2022. Not to mention the activated rampant of other cybersecurity threats like malware or ransomware. Therefore, emphasis on security is a necessary step among other web design latest trends. Website design has changed to make it simpler to protect client and company information. Data compliance also emerges as an impending trend in web development for 2024 as organizations prioritize user data safety and regulatory adherence against cybersecurity challenges.

Why focus on the cybersecurity of your websites and apps

  • Establishing trustworthy relationships with your clients and partners thanks to ensured security of your web-based solution.
  • Saving costs by preventing data breaches.
  • Preserving a positive reputation.
  • Keeping your essential business information secure from malicious use.
  • Ensured uninterrupted business operations and processes.


We’ve already established that one of the focal points of modern web development is heightened performance. Using WebAssembly as one of the website development trends can help you to achieve it. It’s an open standard that defines a textual assembly language and a portable binary-code format for executable applications, as well as interfaces, to make it easier for these programs to communicate with their host environment.

Favorable features of this web design trend

  • Code uniformity quality offers cross-platform scripting and compatibility with different browsers.
  • WebAssembly belongs to W3C standards.
  • Hardware independent.
  • Smaller memory footprint and enhanced speed.
  • Portability.

WordPress development

WordPress is used to build and administer websites and web-based programs. It is an open-source platform that is free to use, offers a wide variety of features, and has numerous functionality. The platform's primary interface and user-friendly design allow businesses and developers to set up and maintain their websites swiftly. Given the growing significance of data compliance that we mentioned above, WordPress development is a desired option among current trends in website development for businesses wanting to protect their sensitive data due to its built-in security features and the accessibility of third-party security plugins.

Why opt for WordPress web development trend

  • Faster development with the use of templates.
  • Easy website management.
  • Increased website functionality and security thanks to available plugins
  • SEO opportunities.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices. 

Push notifications

Push notifications got into the list of top trends in web development because of their marketable role as a speedy means of communication that enables companies to stay in touch with their clients. These messages enable businesses to deliver information to their clients even when users are not actively using the app or visiting the website. Push notifications function more effectively and encourage user retention if they are personalized and tailored to particular users.

Advantages of this web development trend in 2024

  • Increased client engagement.
  • Improvement in conversion rates.
  • Enabled personalization of push notifications thanks to audience segmentation and appearance diversity.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Provided statistics and tracking of actionable metrics.

Responsiveness in design

The latest trends in web designing include the quality of responsiveness for websites and web applications which represents other tendencies of universality we described before. According to this principle, web design and development should adapt to the environment and behavior of users based on factors such as screen size, platform, and orientation, i.e. react to user choices automatically.

Why it’s a significant trend in web design

  • Orientation on attracting a wider audience.
  • Opportunities for efficient search engine optimization.
  • Lowered bounce rates and increased conversions.
  • More simple maintenance.
  • Faster development at lower expenses.

Dark mode UI

One of the latest trends in web design that has acquired worldwide traction is dark mode standardization. A site with a dark theme makes it simpler for users to experience the web on any device. Dark-themed websites require less brightness even in dim lighting, which reduces battery consumption.

Benefits of this latest trend in website design

  • More accessible user interface and less straining for eyes.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Less blue light.
  • Improved readability even in low-light environments.
  • Easier to highlight significant design elements.

Motion UI

Following the previously described current trends in website design, let’s take a look at one of the front-end development trends, Motion UI. It’s a CSS framework that makes it simple to add animations and transitions to websites and applications. With the help of the front-end framework Motion UI, programmers create completely responsive websites and mobile applications as well as apply pre-defined motions in native app environments.

Motion UI trends in website design

Why developers and designers use this web technology

  • Creative user interface attracts attention.
  • Enhanced brand representation and recognition due to unique visual effects.
  • Increased page interactivity.
  • Improved overall user experience.
  • Compatible across different browsers.


The Internet of Things is a long-standing technology that holds its place in the list of the top web development trends. The term IoT describes a wide variety of internet-enabled gadgets that can connect with each other and with networks to pass and process data gathered by different types of sensors, and perform various functions. IoT presents numerous options for web developers to create cutting-edge web-based applications that communicate with diverse devices. As a provider of IoT services, we can confirm that this technology used in tandem with professional web development can bring many growth opportunities for businesses.

Advantages of this current web development trend

  • Provided insights based on data analysis for better decision-making.
  • More opportunities to connect with end users and provide better customer experience.
  • Enhanced workplace safety and productivity thanks to process control by IoT applications.
  • Cost efficiency in operations and use of resources.


We hope this article provided you with valuable insights on web development trends expected to dominate the field in 2024. These tendencies are continuously changing, and both developers and business owners need to keep up with emerging technologies to stay relevant in the market and take leading positions in the competition.

As specialists in professional web design and development with more than 8 years of experience, we can form our own predictions and assumptions on what the web development future will look like in the upcoming year. Our experts agree on the common expectation from artificial intelligence to keep and even expand the prevailing role in web solution development, as well as orientation on responsiveness and infrastructure optimization in web design. Follow our blog for more updates and professional opinions on current technology innovations.

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