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I'm a senior technology and business executive with extensive expertise in web development and software engineering. I lead and manage a team that approaches each IT project with a customized and professional mindset.

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Web development, web design, team management, project management, digital marketing

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Many years of experience in the industry granted Andrew the extensive knowledge and expertise required to guarantee the delivery of high-quality IT solutions. Strong interpersonal skills and proficiency in advanced technology help him successfully carry out and manage a variety of web development and software projects as the CEO at Atlasiko.His knowledge and skills encompass web design and development, Java, C#, software engineering, computer 2D/3D graphics, and many others. Andrew also specializes in lead generation, channel marketing, go-to-market and marketing program strategy, cloud, SaaS solutions, product marketing, as well as competitive intelligence.

"After years dedicated to honing my skills and expanding my areas of expertise, I take pride in being recognized as an expert in delivering impactful IT services that enhance corporate efficiency and ensure a significant return on investment."

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Andrew's Top Article
8 years
Of experience in delivering IT services
Clients appreciated benefits of collaboration
Successfully completed projects
Company growth within 2 years
Thanks to Atlasiko's rigorous efforts, the client's CTI remarkably increased by 7,300%. Brand awareness among customers also significantly grew by 230% and site browsing clicks increased from 25 to 4,132 per month. The team was also quick in responding and fixing issues raised by the client.
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D Atlasiko review
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D
The company has received positive feedback for the website, with end users praising its sleek and clean design. Stakeholders have also been happy with Atlasiko’s work. The team is highly responsive, and they communicate well. They’re accountability also stands out during the engagement.
Alex Hull Atlasiko review
Alex Hull, Administrative Marketing Assistant, Stone Park USA
Atlastiko has successfully created and launched the website. As a result, the client is able to sell their product. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their dedication to helping clients has been impressive.
Mykhailo Fedoras Atlasiko review
Mykhailo Fedoras, Business Development Manager, Easy Stone Shop
Atlasiko has successfully completed the software customization in a fairly tight timeline. They've added unique features for the client's specific marketplace needs. They communicate regularly through emails and video chats, and they have a smooth collaboration with the client.
Daniel Bracken Atlasiko review
Daniel Bracken, Head of Product, CountertopSmart
Atlasiko has completed the website but is still under the estimation process for the mobile application. The team has been managing the workflow excellently, although some concerns are not yet completely addressed. But overall, they make up for it through their consistent updates and strong support.
Bob Petrov Atlasiko review
Bob Petrov, Operations Manager,

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