Bespoke Web Design

  • What is the meaning of bespoke web design for businesses?
  • Comparison with templates and comprehensive explanation of main benefits.
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Bespoke Web Design

Building a stand-out website that captures the attention and provides excellent user experience is crucial for present-day businesses. The levels of competition on the web prompt companies to put effort into ensuring the creativeness and uniqueness of their sites to differentiate from others and effectively convey their values. These and other goals can be achieved with the use of bespoke web designs. In this article, we’ll explore what exactly they are and what benefits they can bring to brands.

What is bespoke design in web development?

Let’s start with outlining the bespoke web design definition. For business owners, it’s important to obtain an understanding of the bespoke design meaning to know what to turn their attention to when initiating a new project.

Answering the question “What is bespoke web design?”, we can describe it as a website created with a specific set of features that perfectly suits a particular user base or goal of a client. The main purpose is to create a proper representation of your brand on the web that comprehensively expresses your values, business vision, and objectives. It can be implemented through unique visuals, engaging design elements, and useful functionality. The bespoke design contrasts with an off-the-shelf website, which has a ready-made design in the form of a theme or template.

Template vs bespoke websites

When initiating a website development business owners actually have two major options: use templates or turn to professionals for help with a bespoke site. The choice is yours, however, for this investment to be beneficial for your business you have to know the difference between the two and what they bring. Here, we examine these differences and present you with a comparison of bespoke vs template website design.

Templated websitesTailor-made websites
Generic websites that are built based on ready-made models with definite features and user interface design patterns. A tailored website design has no limits in features, architecture, and visuals since all the elements can be customized according to the client’s vision.
Allow choosing color schemes, and changing logos and images, as well as altering content via CMS or with the help of a responsible developer.The project is carried on according to specific business requirements and based on a thorough analysis.
Cheaper and faster in terms of development but much less flexible and limited in terms of features and user experience.Perfectly represents your brand identity and implements the key branding principle of consistency.
Requires less technical knowledge which facilitates maintenance.Unique UI and functionality of bespoke websites make your brand more memorable and recognizable. 
Services that provide web design themes and templates might use outdated code that negatively impacts the performance and SEO success of your website.Enhanced user experience encourages visitors to browse, explore your content, and engage with interactive elements.
A better option for small businesses with a limited budget, however, is inefficient in the case of scaling.More flexibility in terms of adjusting code and structurebespoke websites are better in order to implement the best practices of web design.
A perfect option for growing businesses that often expand their range of services and need to win over competitors.

Is a bespoke website better?

There’s nothing wrong with using templated designs for your website if you are a low-budget firm. However, they are inefficient in terms of scalability for growing businesses that often change their content volumes, and expand services and offers. We also believe that bespoke websites are better for organizations striving to create a solid brand image and establish a trustworthy reputation to stand out among competitors. With this type of site, you can provide your visitors with a better-quality user experience, personalize the UI and content with a focus on your target audience, and convey your business values with more precision. Overall, we recommend thriving businesses choose tailor-made website designs.

Benefits of bespoke website design

Our recommendation is based on the proven advantages of customized website design that businesses noted after the implementation. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

  1. Consistency in branding
    Utilizing the best methods of bespoke website design is a sound way to realize the principle of brand consistency. With the provided flexibility and freedom in designing, you can fully materialize the brand’s ideals and express goals using distinctive visual and textual elements. You can match your site’s appearance with other platform accounts that comprise your online presence, like social media, to create a complete image of your company.
  2. High-level of personalization
    Create a custom website that goes beyond what most drag-and-drop templates can offer, giving your business website a personalized touch and a distinctive user experience. It’s a smart tactic for organizations to use the knowledge about the target audience to optimize UI/UX according to their preferences. For example, if your business targets young clientele, it’s preferable to use trendy elements and casual speech on your website while older generations usually favor a more formal style.
  3. Maximized customer experience
    With bespoke website design, a company can optimize user experience and business results. You can add advanced features, realize engaging and unique interface elements, and establish a connection with your audience. Implementing the previous point of personalization and focusing on catering to users’ needs is a winning strategy for generating leads or achieving other results depending on your initial objectives. 
  4. Enhanced search engine optimization
    A site’s architecture, code, visuals, content structure, and performance – these and more aspects influence the position it takes in search engine ranking. Web design and SEO experts can help you improve your site's search engine ranking by carrying out your project of custom web designing.
  5. Scalability 
    It’s a frequent practice for evolving businesses to expand their site’s architecture in order to accommodate higher volumes of content or add more exclusive functionality. One of the benefits of bespoke website design is that it allows dynamic changes and rapid optimization to be aligned with new objectives.
  6. Ownership and hosting
    Choosing a customized website gives you more control over your website in the form of complete ownership as well as opportunities in hosting choice. Contrary to paid templates when you just buy code and designs but don’t own them, a bespoke-built solution is fully in your possession so you can use it however you want or even sell it to others. In this case, you can also switch hosting providers that would meet the needs unique to your organization. 
Pros and cons of bespoke web design
  • Unlimited options for UI/UX.
  • Exclusive appearance for memorable branding.
  • Scalable solution.
  • Search engine optimization opportunities.
  • Personalization for effective marketing.
  • Complete ownership over a bespoke solution.
  • Flexible hosting options.
  • Requires more time to develop and implement.
  • More expensive compared to ready-made templates in terms of creation and maintenance.

Bespoke web development costs

The cost of development is a decisive factor for most businesses in the choice of a service provider. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of the bespoke website development costs that you should expect on average.

  • According to the WebFX 2023 report, the cost of bespoke web development can range from $12,000 to $150,000, depending on the site’s size, complexity, functionality, etc. This estimation doesn’t include maintenance (from $400 to $60,000) and marketing expenses (from $2,000 to $12,000).
  • Forbes reports that in 2023 the average price to build a custom website for a small business (up to 16 pages) amounts from $2,000 to $9,000 with an additional $1,000 for maintenance annually.
  • The same report also notes that tailored sites for ecommerce (up to 1,000 products) cost more overall – from $5,000 to $55,000 with an additional $30,000 maintenance expense.

Our recommendation to businesses that want to receive outstanding results for their projects but also decrease expenses is outsourcing to Ukraine.

How long does bespoke website redesign take?

Undoubtedly, managers and business owners must form their expectations about the product duration right away to be able to adjust their workflow accordingly. To give you a sense of how long it usually takes to carry out, let’s look at a common bespoke website redesign timeline.

Average timeStageDescription
1-2 weeksResearch and DiscoveryProfessionals make a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, previous website, competitors, and business objectives in general. Based on the collected data, they create a strategy and a step-by-step plan.
2+ weeksBespoke designUsing the best methods and technologies, web designers create site architecture, user interface layouts, and prototypes.
2+ weeksContent creation and SEOContent development specialists work on the site’s textual (service and product descriptions, articles, blog posts) and visual (infographics, photos, images, videos) content. SEO experts carry out optimization for enhanced search engine rankings. 
3-4 weeks or moreCoding and DevelopmentFront-end and back-end developers write clean code to implement all planned features and functionality to the full capacity and ensure top performance and data security.
1+ weekTesting and OptimizationQAs perform thorough testing to identify and correct any bugs or inefficiencies for flawless functioning.
1+ month or continuousLaunch and MaintenanceA responsible web development team launches the product, monitors its performance, and carries out updates regularly or on demand.

Overall, your project can take 5 months or even more depending on each case since requirements and objectives are different.

Of course, this is just a sample of a possible timeline. In practice, the delivery time differs from product to product. For example, it’s a simple logic that the development timelines for simple websites and sophisticated web apps will be far apart in terms. Therefore, you’ll need to thoroughly deliberate your delivery time expectation with the agency that carries out your project. We recommend establishing the deadlines for your bespoke web redesign as soon as possible and checking on the progress regularly.

Bespoke Web Redesign

Bespoke website examples

As a top bespoke web design agency, Atlasiko has a proven track record of successfully implemented projects. For all of them, our professionals utilize their outstanding expertise, the best technologies, and creativity to achieve refined results and all project goals.

Let’s look at the site we developed for Applet 3D as one of the prominent bespoke website examples and custom features that we chose to include in it.

  1. Engaging Slider Banner. Applet is a 3D rendering service provider, so it was important for our client to show products and results on the company's Home page. With this goal in mind, Atlasiko's specialists started with a sliding header banner that showcases some of the projects and services instead of typical static header backgrounds.

  2. Interactive Interior Comparison. The next feature we implemented in this bespoke web design example is interactive comparison functionality. It's intended to present site visitors with a clear vision of what results they can receive after working with Applet on 3D interior rendering projects. Users can see and compare variations of the same interior in different light settings by dragging arrows to the left or right to shift the comparison line.

  3. 360 Exterior Tour. To represent the exterior 3D rendering services offered by our client, Atlasiko's professionals used the 360 tour feature on one of the client's renders. This element is harmoniously incorporated into the Home page's bespoke UI and fully serves to its purpose of showcasing products.

  4. Review Map. Another unique feature is an interactive map with reviews aimed at demonstrating the clientele diversity of Applet 3D and different locations across the USA and the world from where the firm's clients reach out and request services. Site visitors can hover their cursors over points on the map to find the reviews from previous customers of Applet 3D. This feature helps the brand to build trustworthiness and show its experience in cooperation with different organizations.


We hope after reading this article you understand more about what bespoke web design actually is and its importance for growing businesses. Undoubtedly, it brings substantial benefits in the form of scalable and unique web solution that works for the good of your brand development and positive user experience. Atlasiko Inc. is an expert in bespoke web development with numerous projects in our portfolio. You can trust our experience and multidimensional expertise to provide you with high-quality consulting on the matter and skilfully carry out your project. If you need more information or want to discuss your site ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us

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