Web Development Team 2023: Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

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Web Development Team Roles and Success in 2023

One of the most crucial steps on the way to creating an efficiently functional web solution, whether it’s a website or web app, is to assemble a skilled and enthusiastic web development team. Undoubtedly, only qualified professionals, who are invested in your project and apply their best effort and hands-on experience, can produce excellent results.

Here at Atlasiko, we’ve completed numerous website development projects, so we know exactly how to gather the right specialists to ensure the successful production of your perfect web-based solution. In this, article we’ll share some valuable insights based on our experience to help you better understand web development teams, major roles, and responsibilities.

Web development team structure

For starters, let’s underline that the website development team structure usually consists of two main parties – the technical team and marketing specialists. It’s extremely important to include both departments’ staff in your web team structure to receive the best quality website or web app.

The technical team carries out the most significant operations related to the planning, designing, and development of the web solution. Members of the basic web development crew are responsible for the creation of the product, testing, deployment, and other required technical processes on different levels and stages. The most common technical web development team structure includes:

  • Requirement analyst; 
  • Project manager; 
  • Solution architect;
  • UI/UX designer; 
  • Web developer; 
  • QA engineer.

Some may think that the development of a digital product ends with the last line of code written or the last testing completed but these points are actually just one of the milestones. The next step after the launch is a promotion of your web-based solution. It’s an essential stage because, without the right strategy, even the most impeccable web app or site will be left unseen and fail to achieve planned objectives. That’s exactly why you need specialists in marketing in your web development team structure. Their main roles in web development teams are to promote web products, increase their visibility, and organize customer generation. The basic marketing team should include at least:

  • SEO specialist; 
  • Marketing strategist; 
  • Content writer.
Web development team structure

Web team roles and responsibilities

Now, let’s look closely at the particular roles of members of the website design team and their respective responsibilities. Here, we present the list of the most common web development team roles. However, keep in mind that the composition of a website team might vary depending on the vendor company, skills of team members, project size, and many other circumstances.

Requirement analyst

A requirement analyst is one of the first individuals on the web development team clients get in contact with. This specialist gathers available information, conducts analysis, interviews potential users of a web system during the scope creation phase of a project to discover what the required product must perform, and then define technical specifications. These desired capabilities are documented, explicitly agreed upon by the client, and delivered to the rest of the web agency team to ensure that the web solutions they construct satisfy the expectations of stakeholders and future users.

Project manager

Project managers serve as a fundamental link between you as a client and the web development team. They monitor the project's timeline and ensure it adheres to the original specifications. Your first point of contact for any project-related difficulties should be the project manager. They are in charge of setting deadlines for every phase of the product development process. Their everyday tasks include deadlines, sprints, and check-ups. They participate in the planning stage and afterward oversee the coordination of the web development team members to monitor the complete development process.

Solution architect

Just like an architect creates blueprints for bridges, a skilled solutions architect determines what information architecture web-based products should have. The range of solution architect’s responsibilities in the web team includes site architecture diagrams after conducting the systemization of content. They also can create wireframes, charts, and diagrams for clients and developers to understand the website's or web platform’s architecture and navigation. Nevertheless, not all web development companies employ solution architects and include them in the web designer team. In such cases, the responsibilities of this web designer role can be carried out by the UX designer/architect.

UI/UX designer

The designing phase of web system development is under the responsibility of UI/UX designers. They basically create what you as a user or website visitor see and what experience you receive from using a particular web solution. Let’s define their web design roles, tasks, and duties more specifically.

User Interface designer

All of the elements that comprise a digital user interface, as well as the individual graphical items presented on those screens, are designed by UI designers. On the website design team, they are often responsible for creating images, choosing colors, typography, the visual design, placement, and behavior of UI elements such as buttons, text and form fields, icons, checkboxes, and many other visual components that will be visible on the interface.

They also make responsive designs ensuring adaptation to various devices and screen sizes, as well as accessibility and inclusivity. Their goal is to develop user interfaces that look fantastic, give an accurate representation of the brand, and are simple and entertaining for users.

User Experience designer

The web team roles and responsibilities of UX designers are basically said in the name of this profession. They are in charge of providing the best possible user experience while interacting with a web-based product. Their primary aim is to do thorough research on users in order to understand their behavior and then design a user journey that allows the user to do their activities with the least effort. A UX designer's day-to-day activities vary by company or even project within the same company, but some general tasks include conducting user research, creating user personas, determining the information architecture of a digital product, designing user flows and wireframes, creating prototypes, and testing products on real users.

 Role UI/UX designer

Web developer

During the project implementation, the web developer roles are divided according to the different layers of the web solution structure and the specialization of the web development team members. A successful web product creation involves front-end and back-end developers, or companies employ full-stack developers who have both front-end and back-end expertise.


Among the code team roles, the front-end developer codes the user-visible side of the project. They create the user interface, which encompasses the interactivity and visual appearance of a program. They are in charge of working in tandem with the UX/UI designers to implement the generated user patterns in accordance with the vision they have produced. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, React Native, and Vue are some of the most widely used front-end development technologies.


Web development teams also need server-side development which is referred to as back-end development. Databases, programming, and website architecture are the main elements of a web program that are taken care of by back-end developers. It includes what goes on in the background when a user takes any action on a website. You can’t actually see the results of their work as they operate in the solution’s background, but without the effort of back-end devs, all the planned functions of a program or a website wouldn’t work. For example, back-end developers write code that enables browsers to communicate with database data.

 Web development roles


Before the web solution is released to the public, it's mandatory for a quality assurance engineer to validate that it has passed all tests. Otherwise, the client will receive raw results with numerous issues and flaws which definitely won’t do any good for the website development team and the company’s reputation. In the web agency team, this role of quality management can be performed by a few professionals – QAs, QC, or testers. The number of specialists and their specifications depend on the vendor company and the project size, but universally QAs alone can do all the necessary tasks. QAs work as part of a web team and report to a manager, and they oversee every process of design, development, testing, and delivery to ensure that the product satisfies quality standards and requirements. The QA engineer also defines the tests to ensure that the software has no technical flaws.

QA, QC and Testing in 

Web team marketing roles

The website roles of marketing specialists are just as important for websites and web applications as other experts on the website development team. Of course, they don’t perform programming or create designs but their main goal is to get people to know about your web solution and use it. Logically, there’s no sense in your development efforts, spent time and money, if no one utilizes the solution in the end. That’s why every qualified web design service provider includes marketing experts in the website design team.

Marketing strategists

A marketing strategist is in charge of putting marketing plans into action. They conduct all-encompassing research to uncover new marketing opportunities and create creative concepts to increase brand visibility and recognition among visitors and users. Carrying out their tasks, marketing strategists employ marketing techniques to promote a company's product or service in order to retain and attract customers.

SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization specialist analyzes and configures a website to make it more search engine-friendly. Then the website ranks better in search results on major search engines like Google and Bing which means that more people will see it. SEO professionals optimize a website's pages to ensure appropriate search results, increasing website traffic, lead volume, and brand awareness. They aim at boosting the visibility of a website on Google by conducting keyword research and employing SEO technologies.

Content writer

A content writer is a specialist who creates educational and entertaining articles to assist in the promotion of delivered web products. In website development projects, content writers also work with designers and front-end developers writing content for the created web pages, overseeing their right placement by designers in the interface elements. They also write promotional materials on a variety of topics and are responsible for producing the best written or visual material possible, from blog articles to press releases.

Web team marketing roles

How to assemble top web development teams

Atlasiko has considerable experience in successfully completing web development projects and delivering the best web app development services. Therefore, we know for sure how to gather top professionals and compile motivated web development teams from scratch. Here are our practical tips.

  1. Planning.
    A plan is necessary for team formation. Even though the strategy may change, the initial strategy will give you the starting point for assembling web development teams for any of your projects. Write an executive summary that will include the main concept of your web product, the platforms you want to employ, and the marketplaces you'd like to use, and other details you consider important. You can determine how many developers you'll need and their individual roles by using this simple outline. 
  2. Conduct labor market research.
    After making a thorough plan, you’ll need candidates to fill in the defined web development team roles. Big companies usually don’t have problems with this as they hire lots of professionals, so for any upcoming web development project they can involve any of their employees who’s free at the moment. As for growing businesses, they need to make new hires or use staff augmentation services for particular tasks. The labor market research will help PMs to decide which move is more beneficial according to the company’s resources. It’ll also give some insights about the potential candidates. 
  3. Look for needed remote specialists.
    Talent vetting, interviewing, and onboarding can be a real hassle. Many businesses now opt for forming their own talent pool of remote workers who are mostly freelancers. Instead of spending a lot of your valuable time hiring people, establish contacts with remotely working freelancers who you’ll cooperate with only when needed. Moreover, there are countless apps and platforms nowadays that can assist you in finding talented designers and developers for your web development teams. 
  4. Background check, pros and cons.
    A good company leader and project manager should know their employees' skills and knowledge to choose the right people with a fitting experience for every particular project. Evaluation of expertise is also essential when you employ a new person in your web development projects. Selecting members for web development teams always take into account the specialization of candidates. The best variant is to choose talented professionals with versatile skills but experience in a field that is related to your current one should be prioritized. 
  5. Assemble.
    After you’ve decided on all of the required professionals it’s important to form a web development team and ensure they have an extensive understanding of the goals, means, terms, and other details of the project. It’s highly important to connect the project manager with all team members and oversee that productive communication is established.

Why Atlasiko’s web design team

Obtaining quality web design and development can be challenging, particularly if you lack expertise in this area. Therefore, the ideal solution is to pick a qualified firm that has relevant knowledge and can produce stunning websites and web applications for your organization.

In this case, Atlasiko is your top choice. Having more than 8 years of hands-on experience, our web design team shows outstanding results in delivering responsive web-based solutions. 500+ clients have already appreciated our work and noted the positive outcomes for their businesses as they bring major enhancements.

We believe that successful web development begins with the right people who can put themselves in the client’s shoes, see the roots of their business needs and understand the vision of the ideal solution. Contact us if you’re ready to bring your initiative to life and start cooperation with our professional web development team.

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As you can see, there are many various roles in a web development team. Every specialist contributes to the excellent final result in the form of a high-performing website, web app, or platform, focusing their best effort on the projects and applying valuable skills. Without any of the web development roles, whether it’s a programmer or a marketing specialist, you wouldn’t be able to achieve top results.

We hope this article gives you more understanding of the experts involved in the web development team, their tasks, and the processes that they carry out, For more information, follow our blog where we publish our analyses of this and related topics.

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