Google plans to reveal big AI updates at upcoming I/O event

  • More AI-powered solutions by Google are to be released. 
  • What innovations to expect from the famous annual I/O event? 
Google plans to reveal big AI updates at upcoming I/O event

In the circumstances of constant AI competition between tech corporations, Google is gearing up for its annual I/O event to try and take the lead in the race. During the event, the technology giant is expected to make several announcements about significant updates in the sector of artificial intelligence. According to a recent report by CNBC, Google is set to unveil a new large language model (LLM), called PaLM 2, which is being touted as the company's most advanced LLM as of now. To improve the previous version of PaLM, this new model has undergone a series of scrupulous tests in coding, math, creative writing, and analysis, suggesting that it is capable of performing complex operations with ease.

Along with PaLM 2, Google is also expected to unveil new "generative experiences" for its AI-powered chatbot, Bard, which was launched in March as an experiment. These experiences will reportedly be available in Japanese and Korean languages, in addition to the existing US and UK markets. Furthermore, Google will reveal more Workspace-focused AI tools, including template generation in Sheets and image generation in Slides and Meet products.

Previously, The Wall Street Journal reported that among updates for Bard, the Google search engine itself will undergo AI-driven changes. The company wants to make its interface more “visual and personal” with AI capabilities to entice younger generations to use Google more and gain a leading position in the competition. More details about this major update are expected to be revealed during the I/O event as well.

Despite everyone’s anticipation, it remains unclear whether these AI features will be made available to the public or limited to trusted testers.

Summing up we can state that Google has been concentrating its best to be at the forefront of AI research and development, expanding its directions for the company’s further AI work.

Just in the span of the previous month, the corporation made several updates and releases related to AI, like their optimization of Bard after the initial launch showed weaknesses.

Google also revealed its work on creating the AI-powered image generator “GIFI”, a new “Search along” chatbot, and some more projects in development which we’ve already covered in our news.

Overall, it is no surprise that the company is making a big AI release at this year's I/O event given Google’s productive work.

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