Early Access to Google’s Large Language Model

  • Google sped up the release following ChatGPT’s impressive performance 
  • Email for Pixel Superfans program members 
Early Access to Google’s Large Language Model - Bard

Google's highly anticipated generative AI tool, Bard, may soon be making its public launch. While the company had already released the tool to in-house testers last month, reports suggest that Google has accelerated the release arrangement after ChatGPT's impressive performance in giving assistance for Microsoft products including Word and Bing.

Members of the Pixel Superfans program have been offered an early opportunity to use Bard. This proposition occurred via email containing a link to a form that verifies their email address. However, only a randomly selected group of people was given the possibility to participate. After filling out the form, users were informed that Google would provide further instructions in due course.

The email stated that participants in the early access program would be able to "get started as soon as Bard launches," although the company has not determined a launch date. However, its representatives think the tool will become more widely available to the public in just a few weeks.

Bard foresees integration with Google Search supplying straight answers to user queries. The tool utilizes LaMDA, a conversational AI model unveiled by Google in 2021, to contextualize data and answer in ordinary English.

Unfortunately, the Pixel Superfans program is not accepting new members at present, meaning that those who haven't received an invitation will likely have to wait for the public beta to try Bard. However, users can try ChatGPT's Tasker integration on Android to get a taste of AI features.

Summing up, Google’s AI tool will definitely compete with those that exist. If the tool is really useful it doesn't matter whether users accept early invitation or try the function after public release. Besides, if you want to know more about GPT functions we suggest you to read about Microsoft tools that are being integrated with ChatGPT technology.

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