Google’s PaLM Language Model to Improve Bard

  • PaLM’s functionality for Bard’s capabilities 
  • A recent interview with Google’s CEO 
Google’s PaLM Language Model to Improve Bard

Exciting news from Google! Bard, their latest AI chatbot, has just been improved with math and logic capabilities. According to Jack Krawczyk, Bard's lead, these upgrades were made possible by incorporating Google's PaLM language model.

What does this mean for users? Bard will now be able to comprehend and respond to multi-step word and math problems, making it even more useful for people who rely on it. And there's more to come - coding capabilities will be available soon as well.

Intentions for improvements were recently confirmed by Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, in an interview with the New York Times. Sundar admitted that Bard's initial release using a toned-down LaMDA model might not have been received as well as they hoped, but he was pleasantly surprised by the positive response to ChatGPT. He said, "The reception from users, I think, was a pleasant surprise for — maybe even for them, and for a lot of us."

Sundar also addressed concerns about whether Bard could replace Google Search. While he didn't outright deny it, he said that things would adapt and evolve. Google is committed to getting it right with the publisher ecosystem, and Bard will continue to improve based on feedback from users.

Overall, have you noticed any improvements with Bard since the upgrades were rolled out? So, these updates are significant implementations for users. They can bring them more precise use of the technology and confidence in its responses. Read our previous news where we wrote about Adobe Firefly lags behind its “mature” competitor and be more informed of recent digital improvements. Also, we've published the news about Crablr’s generative AI language to boost crab yields. Do you still not believe in being able to communicate with crabs? Check out the proofs in our news section.

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