Google's chatbot Bard can now assist you write and debug code

  • Google’s intention to be the first in AI race 
  • Bard’s abilities to write in 20 programming languages 
Google' chatbot Bard can write and debug code

Google's artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bard, can now write and debug code, according to a Reuters report. The move is seen as an effort by Google to keep pace with OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft. Microsoft has been aggressively incorporating AI into its products and has even tried to revive its search engine, Bing, to compete with Google's leadership in the area. Strengthening its AI capabilities will be crucial for Google to maintain its dominant position in the future. Equipping Bard with abilities like writing code will be vital for this.

Google has furnished Bard to write code in 20 programming languages, including C++, Java, and Python. It can also supply descriptions for the code snippets, which will be beneficial for beginners. Bard can also help resolve code issues by understanding the output of the code. The user needs to type, "This code didn't work, please fix it," and Bard will get it to work.

Bard can now generate code for you

Google warns that currently Bard might offer incomplete bits of code which will need to be double-checked before use. However, it can also be asked to create more effective or quick working code with a simple request such as "Could you make that code faster?"

By the way, Open AI has a related tool called Codex, which can assist engineers in their programming tasks. Microsoft has added this feature to GitHub, the repository for code. The company dubbed this tool Copilot due to its potential to write code alongside the user. Such tools are aimed to assist users save time on repetitive tasks involved in writing code. However, Copilot can't debug the code it has written.

Ask Bard to explain code example

Summing up, Google must also bring to light unique AI tools that the Microsoft-OpenAI partnership did not use if it plans to compete with Google henceforth. If the corporation only mimics OpenAI's products, the AI race between them might definitely start.

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