Google is developing “GIFI” image generator, “Search Along” chatbot and more

  • “GIFI” function for AI image generation 
  • Music search through a conversation with a chatbot 
Google is developing “GIFI” image generator, “Search Along” chatbot and more

Google is reportedly developing new generative AI features for Image Search and Chrome, including a browser chatbot, as claimed by a recent report. The New York Times states that one of these features, called “GIFI,” will generate AI images for Google Images results. This development builds on previous news that Google may incorporate its Imagen and Parti text-to-image generators into Gboard for Android. Additionally, Google is exploring the use of open-ended AI text conversations for language learning in a product called “Tivoli Tutor,” which is in various stages of development.

Another potential feature being explored by the corporation is the ability to seek for music through a conversation with a chatbot. However, it is unclear whether this would be integrated with YouTube Music or would stay simply a Google Search feature. In addition, Google is looking to leverage AI technology to allow users to utilize Google Earth’s mapping capabilities.

The company’s “Search Along” is characterized as a chatbot that enables users to ask queries while browsing the web. Individuals can ask the chatbot diverse activities or questions and the AI will scan the page and other sources for their clear responses.

However, the most significant AI development at Google is the introduction of “Magi” to Google Search. According to the New York Times, Magi is being developed in two stages, with the first stage involving the redesign of the current search engine with AI highlights. The system, which is being created by a team of 160 designers, engineers, and executives, will provide a far more individualized experience than the current Google Search service.

Magi, which is expected to launch publicly in May, will allow Search to answer queries about software coding and even write code based on a user’s request. The AI-powered search engine will also be capable of generating follow-up questions, including ads under the created results. The initial launch of Magi will be limited to the US and restricted to a maximum of one million users before expanding to 30 million by the end of the year.

According to reports, Google believes that Samsung may switch to Bing’s AI features, and the contract is currently under negotiation. In response, Google is making its pitch to Samsung, hoping to retain the tech giant as a partner.

In conclusion, these developments in AI highlight Google’s continued commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve its products and services.

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