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GitHub's Copilot for Business

After the first preview of GitHub Copilot in 2021 in partnership with OpenAI (a research laboratory of artificial intelligence), this solution ushered a new era of digitalizing. The Generative AI model is placed within the editor and performs the key task - drawing context from a developer's code. This action is followed by suggesting new lines, complex algorithms, entire functions, and tests. The demand for GitHub Copilot is proven by over 400+ organizations that are using it.

Today's presentation of GitHub Copilot for Business opens new opportunities for every developer, enterprise, group, and. As GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke wrote in his blog that developers also customized the OpenAI model in order to improve the solution`s capabilities.

Copilot for Business counts 4 new advantages.

  1. The first one regards coding. A more powerful AI model provides new algorithms thus code suggestions will be more extended and have better quality. 
  2. Another new capability is security. GitHub Copilot is set up to block insecure code suggestions by targeting issues such as hardcoded credentials, SQL injections, and path injections. 
  3. VPN proxy support is developed for using the GitHub solution in any working field. 
  4. The last one - availability for everyone. Companies can purchase a license of GitHub Copilot for Business on the Internet, and even assign seats without using the GitHub platform for their source code.

CEO of GitHub states that the main feature of the technology is building the power of the generative AI into an editor extension that suggests code in real-time, using natural language processing. It prompts offer various suggestions. Also, the technology learns with producers to interact with diverse coding styles and conventions.

Previous research in June 2022 showed a dynamic increase in using GitHub Copilot for code building. Now, this indicator is growing day by day. On average 46% of code is built using Copilot's functions. Also, GitHub tracking shows that all of the users became more effective in their work and increased productivity. 75% of satisfied developers were reported in recent research.

GitHub Copilot for Business provides endless opportunities to boost your professional environment. Success at work is the main proof of perfectly built technology.

Nataliia Huivan
Nataliia Huivan
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