Microsoft is Implementing ChatGPT Technology in its Most Recognizable Tools

  • AI solution in Microsoft's tools 
  • New capabilities for Microsoft 365 users 
Microsoft is Implementing ChatGPT Technology in its Most Recognizable Tools | Atlasiko Inc.

Microsoft has announced plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in its tools, including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. The company unveiled a new AI "Co-pilot" that will allow Microsoft 365 users to correct, summarize, generate, and contrast documents. The functions that are built on the identical technology as ChatGPT, are more capable and less anthropomorphized than Clippy, its forerunner.

The new Co-pilot tools will allow users to write out in printed form meeting notes in the time of a Skype call, summarize extensive email chain to rapidly draft suggested responses. Besides, they will be able to make a request for creating a particular chart in Excel, and convert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, Microsoft is presenting a new idea called Business Chat, an assistant that interacts with the users as they work, and seeks to make sense of their Microsoft 365 data. The agent will be able to understand the internal environment of the user's email, calendar, documents, presentations, and chats happening on Teams platform. Users can request Business Chat to do assignments including summarizing whole documents across platforms on a particular project and preparing an email update to their team.

The communique follows after Microsoft set the same AI-driven functions for Bing month ago. In the tech industry, that is gaining momentum, the corporation intends to develop and deploy AI tools that can improve people's working process, shop activity, and creating process. The Competitor of Microsoft - Google - also recently announced that it is attaching AI to its productivity tools, such as Gmail, Sheets, and Docs.

While OpenAI has made great enhancements to its newest GPT-4 model, Microsoft's new AI tools will be a work in progress, and users will need to double-check the information. Nonetheless, OpenAI acknowledged the technology can still make "simple reasoning errors" or be "overly gullible in accepting obvious false statements from a user," and doesn’t detect mistakes in fact.

Despite everything, Microsoft believes its improvements will significantly change people's working experience, making tasks effortless and less monotonous, opening them the way to be more accurate and original.

To sum up, Microsoft's Chat GPT functions in its most recognizable tools will bring users more effectiveness in work and will make better ending results. Such an implementation as GPT technology can improve user experience in programs that have already been utilized by millions of people.

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