11 Best Countries For Outsourcing In 2023

  • Comprehensive list of the top outsourcing countries in 2023 with essential rates and characteristics. 
  • Major reasons why it’s beneficial for businesses to outsource software development. 
  • A brief guide on how to select the best destination for IT outsourcing.
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11 Best Countries For Outsourcing In 2023


Outsourcing programmers’ skills and software development expertise is one of the globally acknowledged ways to keep your projects cost-efficient and of exceptional quality. It’s highly important to choose the right destination out of the best countries for outsourcing to entrust your IT projects.

Atlasiko Inc. has been providing IT services outsourcing for many years. Working with different partners gives us insights into the needs of most clients who seek the best country to outsource software development services. Therefore, we’re glad to grant you some tips for selecting top countries for outsourcing. Read our article to know where to outsource software development in 2023.

Best countries to outsource

Top outsourcing countriesTime zoneNumber of IT specialistsAverage salary for software developers (base pay)*Popular programming languages
UkraineGMT+2228,000+$13,032/yearJavaScript, Java, C#, Python, C++, TypeScript, React, others
IndiaGMT+56,000,000+$8,449/yearJava, C++, Python, PHP
ChinaGMT+87,000,000+$37,920/yearPython, Java, JavaScript
PolandGMT+1410,000+$36,252/yearJavaScript, Java, C++, SQL, PHP
PhilippinesGMT+8190,000+$8,640/yearJava, JavaScript, C#, PHP
BrazilGMT-3500,000+$18,420/yearJavaScript, SQL, Java, HTML, Python
RomaniaGMT+2143,000+$21,864/yearPHP, Microsoft ASP.NET, Python
Czech RepublicGMT+1150,000+$37,476/yearJavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL, Python
ArgentinaGMT--3134,000+$14,100/yearPython, SQL, Java
EgyptGMT+250,000+$4,488/yearPHP, C#, Java, Python
MexicoGMT-6300,000+$20,904/yearPython, C#, Kotlin

* Source: Glassdoor

Top outsourcing countries in 2023