11 Best Countries For Outsourcing In 2023

  • Comprehensive list of the top outsourcing countries in 2023 with essential rates and characteristics. 
  • Major reasons why it’s beneficial for businesses to outsource software development. 
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11 Best Countries For Outsourcing In 2023


Outsourcing programmers’ skills and software development expertise is one of the globally acknowledged ways to keep your projects cost-efficient and of exceptional quality. It’s highly important to choose the right destination out of the best countries for outsourcing to entrust your IT projects.

Atlasiko Inc. has been providing IT services outsourcing for many years. Working with different partners gives us insights into the needs of most clients who seek the best country to outsource software development services. Therefore, we’re glad to grant you some tips for selecting top countries for outsourcing. Read our article to know where to outsource software development in 2023.

Best countries to outsource

Top outsourcing countriesTime zoneNumber of IT specialistsAverage salary for software developers (base pay)*Popular programming languages
UkraineGMT+2228,000+$13,032/yearJavaScript, Java, C#, Python, C++, TypeScript, React, others
IndiaGMT+56,000,000+$8,449/yearJava, C++, Python, PHP
ChinaGMT+87,000,000+$37,920/yearPython, Java, JavaScript
PolandGMT+1410,000+$36,252/yearJavaScript, Java, C++, SQL, PHP
PhilippinesGMT+8190,000+$8,640/yearJava, JavaScript, C#, PHP
BrazilGMT-3500,000+$18,420/yearJavaScript, SQL, Java, HTML, Python
RomaniaGMT+2143,000+$21,864/yearPHP, Microsoft ASP.NET, Python
Czech RepublicGMT+1150,000+$37,476/yearJavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL, Python
ArgentinaGMT--3134,000+$14,100/yearPython, SQL, Java
EgyptGMT+250,000+$4,488/yearPHP, C#, Java, Python
MexicoGMT-6300,000+$20,904/yearPython, C#, Kotlin

* Source: Glassdoor

Top outsourcing countries in 2023


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, C++, TypeScript, React, others

In 2023, the Ukrainian IT sector will keep expanding both quantitatively and qualitatively. The statistics on the state of Ukraine's outsourcing and outstaffing operations demonstrate good developments even during the war. In 2022–2023, outsourcing to Ukraine experienced a surge in demand as more foreign corporations recognized the advantages of cooperation and supported Ukrainian IT firms. By 2024, there will be an anticipated 2x growth in the number of tech specialists in Ukraine, reaching 450K. In 2022, the volume of IT services exported will increase by 23%. From the article in Atlasiko’s blog, you can find out more about the state of the IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine.

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Pros of IT outsourcing
  • The vast talent pool of computer professionals
    One of the biggest job search websites in Ukraine, Djinni, claimed over 56K registrations from qualified IT workers in 2022. You can use our IT outsourcing services or hire independent freelancers for your tasks rapidly.
  • High-level programming abilities
    In terms of programming language skills, Ukrainian programmers consistently score highly and are regarded as elite specialists around the world. Moreover, they are top specialists proficient in most programming languages.
  • Ukrainian outsourced developers' language skills
    The great majority of IT professionals in Ukraine speak English at least at the Intermediate level.
  • Business ethics
    Ukrainian business practices are typically European. Similarities in corporate ethics, communication styles, and working practices facilitate effective communication.
Cons of outsourced development
  • Time zone difference
    Ukraine is a top destination for services outsourcing for Western European countries because of the minimal difference in time zones. However, for American countries, it might be more complicated to adjust work processes as Ukraine is 7 hours ahead.
  • Ukraine outsourcing team composition changes
    Active mobilization and migration might cause changes within teams, but skilled outsourcing companies can swiftly provide a replacement expert to complete tasks.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
Java, C++, Python, PHP, others

Among the best outsourcing countries, India now takes top positions due to the great workforce of IT professionals and the thriving reputation of an advantageous offshoring destination. Every year this country shows considerable growth rates in the IT industry, which gives foreign businesses more opportunities and options to outsource development projects. For example, The Times of India reported that in early 2022 Indian IT sector had an astonishing growth of 15.5% which was two times higher in speed than the overall country’s economy. Plus, outsourcing software development to India is about 20% cheaper than in North America.

Pros to outsource software development to India
  • Cost reduction
    For businesses with a low budget it is the best option to outsource software development to India. The Indian software market is considered to be 5 times cheaper.
  • One of the biggest labor pools
    India has the biggest concentration of IT specialists – over 6 million according to the last estimates in 2022. However, the number of GitHub accounts proves it to be even a larger number – 9.75 million. Thus, the IT talent hub in India is overflown with potential employees.
  • Accessible services options
    With the mentioned quantity of professionals employed in IT, it’s easy to find a company to outsource software development to India and receive needed services. The wide range of affordable tech services makes India an attractive destination for outsourcing.
Cons of outsourcing software development from India
  • Management and quality challenges of India software development outsourcing
    Great workforce requires proper management which can be lacking. Moreover, with a big number of options for outsourcing software development to India, it's complicated to select an IT service provider with top-quality solutions.
  • Regional and communicational differences
    Although English is widespread in India, there are still communication issues due to the insufficient level of proficiency. Also, there are regional peculiarities in climate, language, business ethics, etc.
  • Legal issues
    Indian law system has some issues with licensing and copyright. To ensure the security of your data, pay attention to signing non-disclosure agreements before outsourcing software development to India.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
Python, Java, JavaScript, others

China belongs to the world’s leaders in most economy and tech sectors. The ever-expanding infrastructure of IT companies and growing rates of tech accomplishments make China one of the top outsourced countries. The Chinese market of software development services reached $1.3 trillion in 2022 and continues to increase its value. Such advancement pace is supported by a great workforce of high-ranked professionals which China has a plethora of due to the world’s biggest population. Hence, Chinese companies offer lots of opportunities for outsourced programming.

Pros of IT software outsourcing to China
  • Lower labor cost
    According to Glassdoor resource, the median software developer base pay in China is $3,160/month while for the US it's $7,357/month. This is a representative example of the more than 2 times lower pricing for the labor.
  • Quick access to technologies
    World's renowned research and development centers are located in China as well as companies leading in innovations. Businesses outsource software engineering in China to get the advantage of early access to new tech solutions.
  • Legal support
    To keep the fast pace of advancements up, the Chinese government established supportive policies to encourage foreign organizations to outsource software developer services. Authorities also invest in building the internal digital infrastructure for China.
  • Extensive workforce
    Of course, China is among the world's top countries for outsourcing partially because of the number of specialists. In 2021 only in Beijing, 1.4 million workers were employed in the IT sector. The overall number is estimated to be over 7 million, but it constantly grows.
Cons of outsourced IT
  • Language and cultural differences
    Not all European or American organizations can get accustomed to the peculiarities of Asian business ethics. The differences in the time zone and language skills also have to be taken into account before programming outsourcing.
  • Quality flaws
    Sometimes the result of Chinese outsourcing programming services may not meet the quality requirements of the international market.
  • Intellectual Property Rights differ
    IPR in China are distinct from your country so you have to research them thoroughly and decide on the data safety means as NNN agreements (non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention). It’s necessary before giving access to your ideas and designs to an outsourced software development company.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
JavaScript, Java, C++, SQL, PHP, others

Poland is one of the best destinations where to outsource software development in Europe. Many businesses across the world opt for Polish IT companies because their services are cheaper but have EU quality at the same time. Famous international companies appreciated the benefits of outsourcing programmer services to Poland. As a member of the European Union, the country has special regulations to ensure the security of data and intellectual property. Moreover, compared to other outsourcing countries in Europe and North America, Polish tax rates are widely acknowledged to be lower.

Pros of Poland outsourced programming
  • Market size of the IT sector
    The tech industry takes 8% of the overall Polish GDP which indicates great tempos of development and demand.
  • Expanding talent pool
    Before the last year Poland had more than 400K IT specialists as one of the best countries to outsource. In 2022 the workforce was augmented with around 20K+ Ukrainian tech professionals who fled the war, not to count over 15K graduates.
  • Data security
    Poland is a member of the EU so it has strong regulations of data safety and IPR.
  • Skills
    Businesses outsource programmers from Poland because of the great software development competency.
  • English proficiency
    Poland has the 13th rank in the EF English Proficiency Index
Cons of Polish developers outsource
  • Hidden costs
    During the project more expenses might be needed, as well as additional fees for payment transactions.
  • Reasonable salary expectations
    As Polish specialists are among the best software developers in the world, they expect a higher payment for their services unlike in other top outsourced countries (except for China). Therefore, you won't find the cheapest labor there.
  • Time zone
    As a leading country to which services have been outsourced, Poland is convenient for Western Europe, but the time zone adjustments for America can be tough.

The Philippines

Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, others

The Philipines reasonably take place in the list of the best countries to outsource IT services in Asia. Many global enterprises like Google, Facebook, Apple, and others opt for outsourcing programmers from the archipelago, as they appreciated the advantages and competency. The outsourcing solutions including not just software development but also BPO amount to around 11% of the country’s GDP.

Pros of IT outsourcing
  • Governmental support
    The Philippine government enforced sets of laws to ensure the efficient functioning of the IT industry and the outsourcing segment.
  • Fluent English
    Along with Filipino, English is an official language in the country so it's well-spoken.
  • Cultural adaptability
    Due to the historical background, the Philipines learned different western cultures and adapted to their business ethics.
  • Cheaper labor
    The average hourly rate for outsource developers in the country varies from $18 to $40 while in the US it amounts to $52.
Cons of outsourced Philippines IT services
  • Unpredictable weather conditions
    The Philippines might be significantly influenced by disruptive weather patterns sometimes. So you have to take into account possible delays in deadlines.
  • Holidays
    The country has 18 holidays a year that you should be aware of when developers will have days off.
  • Legal peculiarities and issues
    According to Philippine laws, an employer can't fire workers without considerable causes and a set of required documents.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
JavaScript, SQL, Java, HTML, Python, others

In 2022 Brazil was assessed as the second country emergent in technology in Latin America by Coursera Global Skill Index. Every year Brazil IT outsourcing rates get great enhancements thanks to active investment programs initiated by the US, a growing number of tech professionals, and expanding infrastructure. Outsourcing software development is especially advantageous for countries of North America because of the minimal time zone difference.

Pros of software outsourcing
  • Extended talent hub
    Brazil belongs to the top outsourced countries with a large-scale candidate pool of more than 500K professionals.
  • Time zone
    For the US, Brazil is one of the most convenient outsourcing destinations in a matter of time zones.
  • High retention rates
    Relatively lower competition in the Brazilian IT market provide opportunities for long-lasting contracts.
  • Smaller salary costs
    According to Glassdoor, the median base salary for outsourced software developers is $18,420/year while in the US it’s $88,296/year.
Cons of Brazilian outsourced programming
  • Tax system
    Taxation in Brazil isn't adapted for IT software outsourcing so it can be confusing for foreign businesses.
  • Complex payment
    Although Brazilian salary rates aren't high, they often include various elements, bonuses, compensations, etc.
  • Language barrier
    English isn't among the favored languages in Brazil. According to the EF EPI in 2022 the country was 58th in the world and 12th in Latin America.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
PHP, Microsoft ASP.NET, Python, others

In CEE region Romania also belongs to the best countries for outsourcing. The development of the IT infrastructure brought the country to the list of top 35 locations for software outsourcing by Kearny Global Services Location Index in 2021 as well as other recognitions. Although some companies are still wary to outsource programmer expertise from Romania because of old myths and false assumptions, present-day stats show growth in the market.

Pros of outsourcing to Romania
  • Number of specialists
    Romanian talent pool is actually estimated to be the third largest in Eastern Europe after Poland and Ukraine.
  • Business-friendly environment
    IT ecosystem in Romania is conducive to startups and R&D centers.
  • English skills
    In the EF EPI this outsourcing destination is ranked 15th, so there is no language barrier.
  • Favorable location
    Romania's geolocation is considered to be advantageous as the time zone differences in both West and East directions are passable.
Cons of IT outsourcing
  • Tech skills
    Although Romania has a plethora of great developers, in comparison with other Eastern European countries they have lower ranks of programming skills. While Ukraine and Poland are in the top 5 ranking by SkillValue, Romania takes 23rd place.
  • Bureaucracy and legal issues
    Some processes may take longer in Romania than in other top countries for outsourcing due to the bureaucracy.
  • Lack of IT centers
    Romania has only 3 IT hubs while other CEE outsourcing countries have 5 and more for manageable infrastructure.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
JavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL, Python, others

One of the world's top outsourcing countries in 2023 will be the Czech Republic. Taxes are only about 19%, which enables multinational corporations to invest in the information technology sector with confidence. Numerous programs and institutes of higher education assist their students in finding better jobs following graduation. Over 150,000 tech specialists work in the location and the number grows each year.

Pros of outsourcing
  • Low percentage of staff attrition
    Czech outsource software companies have reduced attrition rates compared to the US, South and East Asian countries.
  • Skills
    Due to Czechia's excellent software development competency, businesses outsource programmers from the country.
  • Legal regulations
    As a part of the EU, the Czech Republic belongs to the top outsourcing countries with strict data protection and transparent taxation.
  • Western model of business management
    Czechia is one of the Central European best countries for outsourcing so it’s completely compatible with the methods of business management that Western states use.
Cons of Czech outsourcing
  • Smaller number of outsourcing services providers
    Compared with neighboring top outsourced countries, Czechia has fewer IT firms – just over 90, according to Clutch.
  • Added expenses
    Further costs and transaction fees may become necessary as the project progresses.
  • Reasonable expectations for pay
    Czech experts anticipate receiving greater remuneration for their services than in other top outsourcing nations because they are among the greatest software engineers in the world (except for China). Thus, you won't find the most affordable labor there.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
Python, SQL, Java, others

Argentina's software development industry has been progressively expanding over the years as the fields of programming and software engineering have become in-demand expertise that everyone desires, strongly adhering to an innovative thinking culture. In the global data science skills ranking, which took into account languages like Python, SQL, R, TensorFlow, Cloud APIs, NLP, and others, Argentina came in at number 22. But it was the first among the nations of South America. With the growing talent pool Argentina’s outsourcing services gain more and more recognition.

Pros of outsource development
  • Government support
    A set of laws was put into action by the Argentine government to guarantee the effective operation of the Argentina outsourcing and IT sectors.
  • Devs with a well-spoken English
    Argentina had the highest English Proficiency Index score among Latin American nations in 2021 with a rate of 55,6.
  • Time Zone
    In terms of time zones, Argentina is among the most practical outsourcing locations for the US.
  • Strong talent retention in Argentine software outsourcing firms
    Due to developers' willingness to work at one company for an extended period of time, turnover rates in the industry are relatively low.
Cons of outsourced development
  • Instability in the economy
    Argentina's economy is still working to recover from excessive inflation. Even if the software sector is doing reasonably well, there is occasionally a chance that the more suffering tech companies could eventually run out of money and have to shut down.
  • Legal issues
    The dependability of government regulations governing the entry of international companies and contractors into the Argentine market is another potential worry.
  • Bureaucracy
    Argentinians have frequently voiced their concerns about the heavy bureaucracy that frequently hinders businesses and their day-to-day operations.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
PHP, C#, Java, Python, others

A lot of people refer to Egypt as an "African IT center." which also adds to the description of the best outsourcing countries in 2023. Via its Digital Egypt initiative, the Egyptian government has constantly prioritized digitization. The fact that Egypt is anticipated to surpass one billion dollars in venture capital investments is another sign of the country's expanding technological ecosystem. These elements have made Egypt a favorite outsourcing location for American businesses.

Pros of outsourcing software development
  • Popular destination
    Egypt has been designated as the future hot spot in the information and communication technology sector as well as in the business process of outsourcing, according to studies by the renowned Yankee Group and the consulting firm A.T. Kearney.
  • Number of specialists
    The roughly 250,000 IT and language graduates who seek employment in an international company after completing their education are a significant factor in this development.
  • Time zone benefits
    Egypt has a favorable time zone for outsourcing. GMT+2 is the time zone in Egypt. Because of this benefit, unlike other nations, our day is not your night. As communication takes place in real time, there is no need to write an email and wait for a response the following day.
  • Language competency
    English language studying in Egypt begins in the primary grades. All Egyptian resources are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English, and many of them are native speakers.
Cons of Egyptian outsourced services
  • Concerns about political stability
    BTI Transformation Index 2022 rated Egypt low in the ranks – 103rd place in the Status Index, 108th in the Governance Index, and 114th in Political transformation out of 137 countries.
  • Lack of experience in some operations
    Little expertise in "higher level" BPO procedures, primarily basic contact center tasks, many of which have already been offshored abroad.
  • Weaker currency
    Egyptian currency is artificially tied to the USD at the moment, which can be problematic.


Number of IT specialists
Time zone
Average salary
Popular programming languages
Python, C#, Kotlin, others

As one of the best outsourcing countries in 2023, Mexico shows positive growth dynamics. According to statistics, the Mexico IT outsourcing market is expected to expand significantly in value by 2027. The Mexican IT services industry generated $12.9 billion in total revenue in 2020. First, revenue has increased significantly between 2016 and 2020, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) increase of 10.2%, leading to a total market volume for IT outsourcing of USD$ 3.64 billion in 2022.

Pros of IT outsourcing
  • Outstanding linguistic abilities and cultural fit
    The typical English proficiency of Mexican developers is upper-intermediate. Compared to many other outsourcing countries, this is significantly greater. Mexico has a stellar reputation thanks in large part to its close proximity to the US, shared cultural aspects, and robust educational sector.
  • Good business climate and protection of intellectual property
    Mexico has a well-established and advanced commercial infrastructure. As a result of the government's strong support for the technology sector, numerous programs have been developed to advance technical education, provide employment opportunities for local engineers, ease foreign investment, and forge tighter relations with the US and Canada.
  • Cost-effectiveness & Affordable Price
    Software engineers have around two times lower wages per hour in Mexico as they do in the US. Lower taxes and a generally reduced cost of living are the causes. Mexico is a top business process outsourcing destination because of this.
  • The tech talent pool is abundant
    A sizable skill pool of software engineers exists in Mexico. There are a lot of technological institutes that produce a lot of tech graduates who are qualified to develop software projects of different levels of complexity.
Cons of outsourced information technology
  • Periodic corruption problems
    There are still some crimes and corruption in modern Mexico. Even at the highest echelons of government, bribes can be frequently used by the opposition to lobby decisions.
  • Increased amount of bureaucracy
    There is a ton of documentation to be completed if the business chooses to establish operations in Mexico. Regrettably, the Mexican government may benefit from more automation and digitization as many activities still call for a physical presence inside government buildings.
  • Extended Ramp-Up Time
    Every time you collaborate with engineering firms located in different outsourcing countries like Mexico, expect a protracted knowledge transfer and ramp-up period.

Why outsource software development

To reduce expenses

Undoubtedly, outsourcing reduces operational costs by 30% on average. Among the main reasons why expenses are decreased is that businesses aren’t required to provide training for new hires because an outsourced company handles everything. Also, businesses can avoid spending money on expensive infrastructure, specialized tools, and technology by outsourcing software development.

Improved effectiveness

A corporate organization must have sufficient internal personnel to carry out duties.The business may find it expensive to hire sufficient staff on an individual basis, therefore outsourcing becomes the ideal solution.

Increasing data security

With the help of external expertise, internal staff has more time to concentrate on the important facets of the company, such as protecting sensitive data. The internal managers have sufficient time to communicate with the clients and offer the external project manager advice on how to create products that meet the needs of the market.

Choose the best countries for outsourcing software development

There is no improper option when it comes to outsourcing as all top countries for outsourcing have their own strong sides and weaknesses. However, It's critical to select the most suitable location for your particular business. Here are some tips on how to choose the best destination to outsource.

  1. Define what you're looking for.
    Your search will be more focused if you know the requisite tech stack or skills. Businesses can check out reviews of specialized work on Clutch or other review sites. Keep in mind that different nations could be experts in specific software technology.
  2. Be aware of time zone differences
    Choosing the best countries for software developers outsourcing that are closer in time is important to the business. A maximum work differential of 1-3 hours per firm is the golden guideline in time-related industries. Nonetheless, it is a fact that most software companies currently prioritize knowledge over working hours. Modern management methods help reduce potential workplace inconveniences.
  3. Think about the cultural differences
    While selecting outsourcing abroad, take into account differences in cultural habits. Differences between cultures that you can come across are dissimilar communication styles, strong accents, traditions that impact schedule e.g. siesta, nation-unique holidays, etc., and distinct patterns in business management.
  4. Assess English proficiency
    For outsourcing, team communication is essential. The key to business success is consistent, effective team communication, and English proficiency is required. It's critical to consider the English proficiency of service providers in the outsourcing countries.
  5. Business values compatibility
    Business values are the fundamental rules of interaction and connections that underpin the success of the various work groups. When it comes to successful collaboration, few people pay attention to the compatibility of values. Make sure the outsourcing team's values align with the goals of the business project before hiring them.


We hope, this article helped you to get a better understanding of international IT infrastructures and find out more about the best countries for outsourcing in 2023. With the present-day levels of globalization, organizations can now attain skilled experts for their teams from any region of the globe.

Atlasiko Inc. offers your business our expertise in IT outsourcing to Ukraine, as we have a branch office there. We’ll take care of your outsourced projects regardless of the target industry and complexity. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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Why is Bulgaria missing!?


Working with Cina was rather expensive. Ukraine is def a top destination

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