What is DevOps as a Service?

  • Explaining DevOps as a Service in plain language. Definition and popular practices that DevOps services employ. 
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What is DevOps as a Service


As DevOps has become a popular methodology among numerous software engineering firms, many companies aspire to adopt this model of software development and IT solution production management. However, for the successful implementation of DevOps practices, you need qualified specialists who will guide the process. In case your IT department is lacking the required skills or resources, DevOps as a Service is a practical solution. Experienced DevOps service providers like Atlasiko Inc. offer exclusive DevOps services to assist businesses in employing the DevOps lifecycle, its principles and solutions.

In this article, we describe the most prominent features of DevOps as Service, analyze the benefits and difficulties that utilizing the DevOps service might bring to businesses, and point out peculiarities of implementation. Explore characteristics of DevOps services.

DevOps as a Service

What is DevOps as a Service?

We’ve already explained the meaning of DevOps and its terminology in previous articles that you can read in our blog. Now, let’s find out more about DevOps as a Service for a complete understanding of this IT services branch starting with the comprehensive definition.

DevOps as a Service is a type of managed service when a client company delegates the responsibilities of DevOps transformation, related projects, development and management operations, etc., to qualified DevOps services companies and their experts.

Businesses resort to the use of DevOps services because of different reasons e.g. the lack of required expertise or resources, the need for innovation of dev processes, the intention to save money, etc. But what they have in common are evident improvements and beneficial results of collaboration with top DevOps services providers. Read ahead to find out about all the competitive advantages that DevOps managed service can bring to organizations.

Our DevOps as a Service expertise is aimed at enhancing production processes, organizing DevOps activities, ensuring the security and proper functioning of newly installed DevOps infrastructure, or improving old systems.

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DevOps as a Service Practices


Establishing a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline is a traditional practice for DevOps methodology. CI allows developers to rapidly and automatically add their versions and code changes of the app to a common repository and merge them. CD represents the process of software deployment to the live production environment which is done by the operations team after the solution was thoroughly tested for bugs and uploaded to the repository. Automation and continuity of these practices speed up the DevOps process and ensure quality.

Infrastructure as Code

IaC is a practice that enables making configuration changes, provisioning, and management of infrastructure automatically in the way developers perform these tasks with codes with the help of specific programs. This DevOps concept contradicts the old methods when the work was done manually.

Cloud DevOps services

Many DevOps solution providers recommend utilizing Cloud DevOps services to make the software development lifecycle more cost-efficient, secure, and centralized. DevOps in the cloud offers many solutions for development, automated testing, and deployment tools. Therefore, DevOps as a Service often includes transferring databases, development and operations processes to the cloud.

Infrastructure management and automation

Automation has proven itself to be the most efficient way to enhance and improve SDLC without impairing the quality of IT products. It also is a key principle of DevOps that enables proper infrastructure management with the use of automation tools reducing manual work to the minimum.

Automated testing

As testing is a requirement for all DevOps stages, it’s critical to make it precise and the least time-consuming. For that purpose, businesses need to adopt special tools for automated testing to ensure quick bug detection and accuracy of results.


The DevSecOps practice always comes as a part of the DevOps service as all DevOps service companies have to ensure the safety of the IT solutions they provide. Security management includes the analysis of potentially vulnerable points in the infrastructure, detection of threats to the cloud services and databases, prevention of DDoS attacks, etc.

DevOps as a Service Practices

Why companies need managed DevOps services

With the constantly growing competition in the IT field, each company providing IT services wants to gain as many advantages as possible to present its customers with unique opportunities and effective solutions. One of the popular ways to accelerate IT product creation and attract clients with quality is to adopt DevOps. However, it requires specific skills and resources. We’ve made a research on the most common issues experienced by IT businesses and reasons why they resort to requesting DevOps as a service.

  1. Prevailing manual work
    In comparison with modern automation technologies, old manual ways to execute tasks of IT solution development lose out. Most issues occur because of the human factor and possible mistakes, inefficiency for proper time management, and slower completion of procedures. DevOps principle of automation opposes this issue.
  2. Inadequate communication
    One of the common problems, that appear during the software development process, is the lack of info exchange between involved departments. It not just creates major inconveniences and distress for teams but often results in a project failure. Companies choose DevOps service to arrange fruitful collaboration among teams.
  3. Time-consuming processes and overspending
    The more extended is time to market, the less revenue your company gets. In a present-day level of competition time- and cost-efficiency play a crucial role in business success. That’s why every DevOps service provider focuses on improving these rates by using innovative infrastructure management and automation practices.
  4. Poor failure response
    One of the most important qualities that all software development companies should have is the ability to fix bugs and make necessary changes for correct functioning promptly. Without proper version control, CI/CD pipeline, and automated testing it’s challenging to enable without delay.
  5. Lack of resources
    Among the most popular reasons why IT firms choose to request DevOps as a Service is not enough human or budget resources. Your company might not have specialists with the needed skills or have an insufficient number of them to successfully implement DevOps. It’s also cheaper to outsource DevOps service providers than to hire them.

If your organization has any of these adverse signals, it’s time to think about the modernization and DevOps transformation of your SDLC. Atlasiko Inc. is glad to offer you our DevOps services so we can proceed to improve your business together. Contact us to start with a DevOps consultation.

Benefits of the DevOps Service

Benefits of the DevOps Service
  • Collaboration with DevOps experts
    Qualified DevOps service providers have hands-on experience using the DevOps concept and assisting others in adopting it because most DevOps services companies actively implement DevOps methodologies and tools in their software engineering services.
  • Predictability of software development
    The DevOps as a Service technique arranges all software dev processes that are predetermined by the DevOps strategy, automated processes on each development stage, and transparency. The DevOps services help IT departments to get ready for potential problems and organize efficient ways to handle them.
  • The DevOps management's agility
    It is simple to identify and correct mistakes, adjust solutions and infrastructures to adapt them to new requirements by utilizing automated tools for CI/CD, configuration and infrastructure management, testing, etc. Experience DevOps solution providers like Atlasiko Inc. will assist in the selection of the best technologies to organize the agility of DevOps activities.
  • Cost reduction for DevOps projects
    In order to increase cost-efficiency, DevOps services offer methods and solutions to organize automation, a transparent supply chain, and flexible scalability.
  • Infrastructure support in DevOps as a Service
    All reputable DevOps service providers ensure that your business receives proper, ongoing assistance and is informed of any cutting-edge DevOps for enterprises trends.
  • Delivering complex IT solutions
    DevOps Services help IT departments to adopt best practices so they can successfully deliver complicated software by sharing experience working on large-scale projects using DevOps lifecycle technology.

DevOps disadvantages and challenges

DevOps as a service aids firms in overcoming the most frequent challenges they could encounter when using DevOps.

  1. Significant alterations for workers
    Employees that have no prior experience switching from a traditional SDLC to a DevOps model may find it stressful, and it will take more work to train them. High-quality DevOps services provide DevOps solutions with professional user training. DevOps consultation a part of the service allows clients to start working on the execution of their projects using new DevOps infrastructure organization and methodologies.
  2. Selection of suitable tools
    The best DevOps service companies including Atlasiko carefully consider the analysis of clients' objectives, unique aspects of their industries, and financial resources when planning DevOps strategy and adoption. This way DevOps services providers present customers with the most appropriate DevOps solutions.
  3. Adapting legacy software
    There is no requirement to switch to new software for every application you previously utilized. When some outdated applications are still useful and convenient to use, DevOps services provide offerings for software modernization.
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We hope that this article was useful and helped you to grasp the meaning of DevOps as a Service, its beneficial and controversial characteristics. DevOps services can help to establish a strong working relationship between development and operations teams. As a skilled DevOps services provider, Atlasiko Inc. assists businesses in improving software development by automating end-to-end delivery pipelines and setting up continuous integration and development.

With a better understanding and knowledge, it’ll be easier for you to decide on requesting DevOps services for the growth and improvement of your business. Atlasiko Inc., with our extensive expertise, is happy to provide you with needed DevOps solutions. Contact us for further information.

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