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Atlasiko Inc. devoted our best effort to the creation of a responsive IT solution for the countertop manufacturing industry – Easy Stone Shop SaaS. We developed first-rate software that helps fabricators solve tasks with diverse features, from automated countertop layout making to CRM and many others.

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Easy Stone Shop
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2019 - present

About the case

Easy Stone Shop SaaS solution was created by the top software developers and designers of Atlasiko Inc. at the request of the client. The utilization of the best capabilities of our GudHub No-Code platform ensured the responsiveness and quality performance of the Easy Stone Shop solution. It has a variety of great functions and characteristics aimed at the automation of routine tasks and the facilitation of management processes for countertop manufacturers.

Easy Stone Shop software enables quick and convenient designing of countertops with the help of templates, veins matching and automated estimation of costs. It also has good schedule management and CRM features, taskboards, maps, and invoicing capabilities. Many countertop fabricators in the USA and other countries around the world have already tried all the advantageous functionalities of Easy Stone Shop and reported their positive experiences.

Delivered IT services

IT Consulting

Atlasiko Inc. performs excellent IT consulting services for companies of different industries and builds strategies for digital transformation with high success rates. For our client, Easy Stone Shop, we did thorough research on the client base, competitors, and main business objectives to create the best plan for the project execution and choose the most efficient methods. During the entire planning process, we constantly communicated with our customer and took into account all their suggestions and ideas.

Web Development Services

Our top-rated web development services ensured the creation of responsive software for Easy Stone Shop. As a result, our SaaS solution meets all requirements of the customer and the demands of the industry. Various features were created with the thought of how to facilitate the work of countertop fabricators, management processes, and overall business operations.

Software Development

Web Apps Development Service

Services of web app development provided Easy Stone Shop solution with the functionalities of the on-premise apps with the security and advantageous capabilities of web-based software. Web applications built by Atlasiko always help their users to handle tasks with ease.

Web Design Services

Our cooperation with Easy Stone Shop on web design matters resulted not just in one but two projects. Besides the interface design for the SaaS solution, our designers did their best to create the website for the client. In 2021 when Easy Stone Shop decided to revamp the website, it directly addressed our web development and design company being sure in punctual and high-quality results.

Software Development


  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy building
  • Project implementation and management consulting
  • End-to-end web software and website development
  • Testing and QA
  • Implementation
  • Creation of a web-based SaaS
  • Integration with legacy software
  • Launching
  • SEO and content writing
  • Logo design
  • Web support
  • Optimization
  • New features
  • Third-party Integrations
  • IT product management consulting
  • Application support and Maintenance
  • Continuous improvements


Responsive SaaS Countertop Estimator

Our web development services resulted in the creation of responsive automation software that grants useful functionality to countertop manufacturers. The program allows drawing countertops in different forms with the help of available blueprints and quick creation of layouts instead of doing it manually on paper. You can also choose materials, adjust them to the draft, and our web software will automatically estimate the price. After this, fabricators can create a quote with the countertop model, pricing, contracts, etc., and send it to clients.

Project and employee management

The SaaS, that Atlasiko created for Easy Stone Shop, also provides useful features for countertop business owners, managers, and employees. It allows them to keep track of active jobs with the view on the map, manage calendars, schedules and timelines, and work with task boards. All these capabilities ensure efficient inner management of operations.

High-quality website design

The design for the Easy Stone Shop website has a SEO-friendly architecture and informative content to provide visitors with easy-accessible information about the IT product. Pleasant-looking website interface and calm colors enhance interactions and create a recognizable appearance for the brand.

CRM system

The management system also enables monitoring of all interactions and engagements with customers, web-based booking and ordering, and saving of clients’ data. Fabricators also can create invoices automatically, effectively communicate with customers, and send them updates on the order status via the third-party integration with Slack.

Technologies and Integrations

We always make sure to use the most efficient tools and technologies to successfully develop feature-rich and responsive IT solutions for our clients.

Frontend: Java Script, Angular.js Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular Material, jQueryBundling: Webpack, BabelBackend: Java, Node.js, Express.jsDatabase: SQL, MongoDBLibrairies: Chart.js, TinyMCE, Grapes, Editor.js, Rete, Monaco EdtiorIntegrations: Twilio, Facebook for business, Slack
Technologies and Integrations

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Logo & Color

The color palette of the Easy Stone Shop website received additional attention from our web designers. In order to choose colors that would be reflective of the brand and draw attention, they took into account a variety of options based on the preferences of the client and marketing data. The reliability and steady development of Easy Stone Shop are accurately represented by the engaging and harmonious blue as a primary color that balances the stoic gray of secondary tones.

easy stone shop logo

Our client says

“Atlasiko has successfully created and launched the SaaS and our website. As a result, Easy Stone Shop company received responsive web-based software with useful features that we can offer to our clients. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their dedication to helping clients has been impressive. During the work on our projects, specialists, whom we cooperated with, were very considerate of our wishes and quite initiative constantly suggesting ideas to improve design and features.”
Easy Stone Shop
Mykhailo Fedoras, Business Development Manager, Easy Stone Shop

Case Studies

Join the list of progressive businesses that chose the IT services of our software development company to become closer to achieving their goals. Atlasiko Inc. ensures thorough communication and positive results of cooperation. Take a glimpse of what projects we’ve been able to successfully carry out so far.

8 years
Of experience in delivering IT services
Clients appreciated benefits of collaboration
Successfully completed projects
Company growth within 2 years
Thanks to Atlasiko's rigorous efforts, the client's CTI remarkably increased by 7,300%. Brand awareness among customers also significantly grew by 230% and site browsing clicks increased from 25 to 4,132 per month. The team was also quick in responding and fixing issues raised by the client.
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D Atlasiko review
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D
The company has received positive feedback for the website, with end users praising its sleek and clean design. Stakeholders have also been happy with Atlasiko’s work. The team is highly responsive, and they communicate well. They’re accountability also stands out during the engagement.
Alex Hull Atlasiko review
Alex Hull, Administrative Marketing Assistant, Stone Park USA
Atlastiko has successfully created and launched the website. As a result, the client is able to sell their product. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their dedication to helping clients has been impressive.
Mykhailo Fedoras Atlasiko review
Mykhailo Fedoras, Business Development Manager, Easy Stone Shop
Atlasiko has successfully completed the software customization in a fairly tight timeline. They've added unique features for the client's specific marketplace needs. They communicate regularly through emails and video chats, and they have a smooth collaboration with the client.
Daniel Bracken Atlasiko review
Daniel Bracken, Head of Product, CountertopSmart
Atlasiko has completed the website but is still under the estimation process for the mobile application. The team has been managing the workflow excellently, although some concerns are not yet completely addressed. But overall, they make up for it through their consistent updates and strong support.
Bob Petrov Atlasiko review
Bob Petrov, Operations Manager,

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