WebGPU tech will be added in Chrome 113

  • Improved graphics and machine learning performance with WebGPU tech 
  • Writing more visually attractive games with the technology 
WebGPU tech will be added in Chrome

Get ready to experience improved graphics and machine learning performance on your web apps! Google has stated that WebGPU, an API that provides web apps wider access to your graphics card’s potentialities, will be added by default in Chrome 113. This technology is set to launch in around three weeks and will be available on Windows PCs that support Direct3D 12, macOS, and ChromeOS devices that support Vulkan.

A recent blog post notes that WebGPU provides "more than three times improvements in machine learning model inferences" and enables programmers to reach the identical level of graphics they can now but with much less effort for code. This enhancement in ML performance is particularly interesting as we are now in the development stage of generative AIs and large language models. The API will enable cool machine learning applications that can take advantage of your local hardware. While services like Google’s Bard do not utilize your local hardware, there is a lot of space for cool ML apps that do.

The technology will also enable developers to write more visually attractive games for your browser. For example, Babylon.js has a magnificent demo that you can deploy if you’re utilizing the Chrome Beta.

Babylon.js playground live editor for 3D robot scenes on Mac

Google has indicated that this month's presentation "serves as a building block for future updates and enhancements" ensuring "more advanced graphics features" and "deeper access to shader cores" in the future. It is also accompanied by enhancements to how you directly create content that runs on WebGPU. The API has been developed since 2017 till now. It is not only suitable for Chrome, it should be accessible in Firefox and Safari in prospect. Besides, the company is also making efforts to enlarge its technology to support multiple operating systems such as Linux and Android.

The other Chrome news mentions that Google has declared its intentions to make forthcoming releases of the browser available quicker. Even though stable releases won’t be presented sooner than expected, their presentation plan has been postponed a week, and Google wants to suspend them later, reducing the time between when programmers finish adding new stuff to the build and when the public gets it. This will facilitate the development procedure.

Overall, WebGPU will aid users in utilizing less code for achieving the same level of graphics which is exactly a great improvement along with many others.

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