Quora's Poe AI Chatbot Introduces Innovative Bot Monetization Program

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Quora's Poe AI: Bot Monetization Program

Launched just last week, Quora’s AI Poe chatbot platform is among the first aiming to acknowledge and reward the contributions of those dedicated to building AI bots. In the beginning, there are two primary avenues for bot creators to generate income. The first entails sharing a portion of the revenue with the bot's creator whenever a user subscribes to Poe through the bot, and the second method involves bot creators setting a per-message fee, with Quora committed to paying for every message. This option is expected to become available soon, according to the company's statement.

Quora initially introduced its chatbot app, Poe, to the public in February, allowing users to engage with AI chatbots from various providers, including OpenAI's ChatGPT and companies like Google-backed Anthropic and Amazon. Beyond serving as a platform for consumers to explore new AI technologies, Poe's content is envisioned to contribute to the evolution of Quora's Q&A site.

Poe has rapidly gained prominence in the burgeoning AI chatbot market. Data from market intelligence provider Apptopia reveals that Poe's mobile app garnered 253,530 downloads in its first month open to the public. As of October 24th, it has amassed over 18.4 million installations and nearly 1.22 million monthly active users. While Apptopia estimates that Poe currently generates less than a quarter of a million dollars in in-app purchase revenue per month, it's worth noting that many users might interact with the chatbot platform via the web or opt for the $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year subscription.

Presently, Poe's creator monetization program is accessible exclusively to users in the United States, offering up to $20 for each user who subscribes to Poe through a creator's bots. Various scenarios are considered for this metric, including bringing a user to Poe for the first time, enticing a user back to Poe through a bot who eventually subscribes, presenting a bot's paywall just before the user subscribes, and, soon, when users send messages to a bot at a price set by the developer.

Whenever a user subscribes to Poe, the company allocates $10 for each monthly subscription or $20 for each annual subscription. This sum is then divided among "monetizing creators with successfully converting activations and successfully converting paywalls for that subscription," according to the company's developer documentation. The payment processing is facilitated through Stripe.

Quora's vision for this program extends beyond incentivizing bot creators. It aims to empower smaller companies and AI research groups to bring their bots to the public, even if they lack the resources to develop a dedicated AI chatbot application. This initiative also resembles an affiliate program, where Poe effectively pays to onboard new subscribers to its chatbot app, enhancing its competitive edge in a market where various AI chatbot apps are already flourishing on mobile devices.

Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo expressed optimism about the program's potential, emphasizing that it opens doors for a wide array of bot applications. As D'Angelo noted, "Since this is the beginning of a new market, there are lots of opportunities to provide a valuable service for the world and make money at the same time." This initiative has the potential to reshape the AI landscape, promoting innovation, and rewarding creators for their contributions.

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