Bard AI Elevates YouTube Interaction: Answers Queries About Video Content

  • Google's Bard AI is enhancing interactions with YouTube videos.
  • What new capabilities does Bard AI bring to YouTube Extension users?
Bard AI Revolutionizes YouTube Interaction

Google's Bard AI chatbot can boast the capability to answer questions about YouTube videos. Although the YouTube Extension was initially launched in September, enabling Bard to analyze videos, this recent enhancement empowers the chatbot to provide specific responses to queries regarding video content.

In a recent update post on Bard's platform, Google expressed, "We’re taking the first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos." Users can now delve deeper into video interactions, asking Bard-specific questions related to the content they're viewing. For instance, if you're watching a tutorial on making a dish, Bard can now tell you how many eggs, milk, butter, and other ingredients the recipe requires.

Additionally, the YouTube Extension for Bard primarily facilitated the location of specific videos, such as those falling under the category of "funny videos." With the latest iteration, however, users can engage in more nuanced interactions by posing questions about the video's content itself.

This announcement follows YouTube's experimentation with generative AI features, unveiled just two weeks ago. Among these features is an AI conversational tool designed to answer questions about YouTube content, coupled with a novel comments summarizer feature.

The conversational tool deploys large language models, tapping into information from both YouTube and the wider web. Users can pose questions related to the video they're watching, and the AI responds in real-time as the video unfolds. The comments summarizer tool, on the other hand, employs generative AI to distill discussions in comment sections, offering users a concise overview of the prevalent topics.

Concurrently, Google has expanded Bard's access to teenagers across most countries globally. In a blog post, Google affirmed that teens can leverage the tool for diverse purposes, ranging from seeking inspiration and discovering new hobbies to solving everyday problems.

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