18 Top AI Coding Assistants For Programmers

  • The definition and work principles of AI coding assistants explained 
  • Why do programmers use artificial intelligence coding? General reasons of the popularity of AI-powered coding tools 
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AI Coding Assistants For Programmers


The modern industry heavily depends on the tempos of software development and its successful performance. Businesses address professional IT companies, like Atlasiko Inc., expecting to get their perfect solution as soon as possible. It puts a lot of pressure on programmers, so to facilitate their work and ensure great results they often use innovative technology of AI coding. The software development industry is one of the most significant beneficiaries of AI programming solutions. Coding assistant tools accelerate processes and help to save a lot of time and effort during code writing.

In this article, we’ll explore the use of AI for developers, the principle of work, and the main reasons why programmer tools on the artificial intelligence basis are so popular. We also analyzed the most efficient AI-powered coding tools, went through their features and characteristics to compile the list of the best tools for AI coding. Read ahead to find out more about artificial intelligence code generation and consider your options for programming with AI.

What is an AI-powered coding assistant?

AI coding assistant is a tool that utilizes machine learning technology and modules to help with coding by doing automatic code generation, spotting bugs, correcting mistakes, etc. To generate code lines, an AI tool, following its algorithms, accesses open-source projects to analyze existing code. Based on that analysis, the coding assistant suggests to the programmer use intelligent code completion. The auto code completion function means that such an AI-powered coding tool is able to offer and allows insert full blocks of code, parts of finished scripts, methods, classes, variables, etc. The automatic coder with AI reads your line of code and then compares it to the published codes from open-access libraries, public repositories, or the machine learning datasets the coding assistant used. After the evaluation of common patterns, it offers you the best options to add to the code. In the same way, the AI-powered tool is able to spot bugs in code and fix them, do refactoring, optimization, and code review with AI assistance.

Most AI tools also enable writing code based on ordinary language using the technology of natural language processing (NLP). It means that the AI coding assistants can understand regular English or other supported languages and basically turn them into code lines. To get this coding help, developers need to formulate a comprehensive command or thoroughly describe the function for the AI tool to understand. Then once again it’ll search for a code that meets the description.

AI-powered coding assistant

Why developers need artificial intelligence coding

AI autocomplete solutions are considered to be such helpful tools for programmers for very practical reasons. AI-powered code generation tools assist code programmers in creating high-quality software faster with less mundane work. Let’s look closely at the main reasons why developers choose artificial intelligent coding assistants and how such an AI that writes code can benefit the software development process.

  • Automation
    As a rule, lots of manual processes negatively influence the work of software developers. Basically, all programs require writing the same code line again and again, thus it can be bothersome. An AI coding assistant is capable of auto generation of code, checking for errors, and optimization of code smells (parts of code that need some improvements to be more efficient). The automation of these usually tedious processes surely facilitates routine coding.
  • Acceleration
    Naturally, with such a level of automation in AI coding the overall software development speeds up. With AI wring code, developers don’t need to spend hours on time-consuming routine tasks and can pay attention to more important ones.
  • Optimization
    Codewriting AI is good for optimization purposes. An artificial intelligence coder is not just able to complete the line for you, but also to read the script and suggest the most suitable ways to optimize some parts.
  • Quality
    AI code generation, AI-powered capabilities to spot bugs in code, suggestions of improvement, and other features of AI tools for coding help positively impact the quality of developed software. Programmers use an AI-powered tool to spot code mistakes and inefficient parts that human eyes could’ve missed without the AI helper. As a result, they get a responsive IT solution.
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Best AI tools for programmers to code

NameProgramming language AI supportsPricingOSIDE Integrations
CodigaC, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, Shell, Go, PHP, Java, Ruby, Apex, Kotlin, TypeScript, Scala, DartBasic Plan – free; Team – $14/month/seatWebVisualStudio, VS Code, JetBrains IDEs
K.ExplorerJavaOpen sourceWindows, Mac, Linux, WebEclipse IDE
GitHub CopilotC, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, Go, PHP, Ruby, Apex, TypeScript, ScalaIndividuals – $10/month; Business – $19/user/month; Free trial availableWindows, Mac, LinuxVisualStudio, VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, Neovim
Replit GhostwriterPython, JavaScript, Bash, C, C#, C++, CSS, Go, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Perl, R, Ruby, Rust, SQLFree; Hacker Plan – $7/month; Teams Pro – $15/user/month; Ghostwriter – $10/monthWebReplit IDE
TabnineC++, JavaScript, Python, Go, PHP, Java, Ruby, TypeScript, Rust, othersStarter – free; Pro – $12/month/user; Enterprise – customWindows, Mac, LinuxVisual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, SublimeText, Android Studio, Atom, Php Storm, JetBrains IDEs
PonicodePython, JavaScript, TypeScript, JavaPython, JavaScript, TypeScript, JavaWebVS Code, IntelliJ, NPM Package, GitHub Actions
JetBrains DatalorePython, SQL, Kotlin, Scala, R languageCommunity Plan – free; Professional Plan – $19/monthWindows, Mac, Linux, WebJetBrains IDEs
BlackboxPython, Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Go, TypeScript, Kotlin, MATLAB,R, Swift, Rust, Ruby, Dart, ScalaGood developer Plan – $0.65/week; Awesome developer Plan – $1.05/week; Free trial availableWindows, Mac, WebVisual Studio Code, Github Codespaces, Jupyter Notebook, Paperspace
IntelliCodePython, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++, Java, SQL, XAMLOpen sourceWindows, Mac, LinuxVisualStudio, VS Code
AiXcoderJava, Python, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, GoOpen sourceWindows, Mac, Linux, WebIntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Eclipse, VS Code, JetBrains IDEs
CodeGeeXPython, Go, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, PHP, TypeScriptOpen sourceWindows, Mac, Linux, WebVS Code, JetBrains IDEs
OpenAI CodexPython, JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, TypeScript, ShellDepends on the number of tokens – $0.1200/1K tokensWebOpenAI
OpenAI ChatGPTPython, JavaScript, ReactFree during the research previewWebOpenAI
EmboldPython, Go, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, TypeScript, othersFree Plan; Premium – $5.36/month; Enterprise – customWeb, Windows, MacIntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Visual Studio, VS Code
DeepCodeJava, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, TypeScriptFree for open-source softwareWindows, Mac, Linux, WebIntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and WebStorm
PylintPythonNo informationWindows, Mac, LinuxVS Code, Eclipse with PyDev, Spyder, Editra
AskCodiPython, JavaScript, C, C#, C++, CSS, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, R, Ruby, Rust, othersTaster Plan – free; A la Carte – $7.99/month/app; Enterprise – customWindows, Mac, Linux, WebVS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm
PyCharm Intelligent Coding AssistancePython, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Cython, SQL, HTML/CSS, template languages, AngularJS, Node.jsFor individual use – $9.90/month; For organizations – $24.90/month/userWindows, Mac, LinuxPyCharm IDE


Codiga is a platform for automated code review and a coding assistant. You can save a lot of time during the development process by using the coding assistance of this code generator tool to quickly create, identify, and import secure and stable reusable blocks of script. Codiga allows users to get instant feedback on their code review using the code analysis and code review capabilities of the platform, ensuring that new code gets formed with reliability. The coding assistant also can be easily integrated with the most popular IDEs, editors, and repositories.


  • Static code analysis 
  • Creation of custom rules for analysis 
  • Security examination and fixes 
  • Automated review of code 
  • Creation and sharing of code snippets


K.Explorer is a coding assistant that enables Java AI code generation. With the technology of machine learning, It has been educated on examples of public and open-source codes as well as on private business lines of code for specialized fields. As you enter or conduct a help search, its autocomplete AI features offer variants for code completions and whole function bodies. It also supports natural language allowing programmers to receive help by simply formulating a description of the code they wish to write in order to speed up and increase the agility of development.


  • Code completion 
  • Natural language processing support 
  • AI-based coding assistant trained on open-source codes 
  • Creation of custom models for AI autocomplete code generation

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is a popular AI-powered pair programmer that utilizes OpenAI Codex model. Within its capabilities, developers can get ideas for entire lines or complete functions directly within editors and IDEs they use. This AI code writer has been trained on trillions of lines of public code, so it’s able to deliver the information programmers require fast and efficiently, saving time and assisting in maintaining focus on more creative tasks. Copilot is easy to set up. You can access it online at GitHub Codespaces, or install this code tool with AI as an extension to your IDE (if supported). There is a wide range of frameworks and programming languages AI GitHub Copilot supports. You can manually amend the proposed code while cycling through alternate ideas and choose which to accept or reject. As you make updates, the machine learning algorithms of GitHub Copilot reflect on your coding style.


  • AI autocomplete suggestions for code lines 
  • Natural language coding 
  • Context and style conventions analysis for efficient code editing 
  • Automated code review and optimization 
  • Facilitation of unit test writing 
  • Wide-ranging integrations

Replit Ghostwriter

Replit Ghostwriter is an in-browser coding AI solution. It’s able to write code based on natural language. Give Ghostwriter your thoughts in a written form, and it will create and modify code to assist you in AI program writing. The Ghostwriter can style websites, come up with feature suggestions, teach you new coding techniques, and much more. While coding, Ghostwriter enables you to pick up new programming languages and APIs as the artificial intelligence programming tool shows explanations of codes.


  • Generation of functions and files 
  • Code completion by suggestions 
  • Natural language coding 
  • Code refactoring and transformation 
  • Providing of code explanations for learning APIs and languages


With Tabnine coding assistant developers can code more quickly using AI completion. Tabnine's AI autocompletion allows reducing mistakes, cutting down on coding time, and learning best practices. It enables interruption-free coding as Tabnine's potent AI code helper works in IDEs and editors in form of a plugin. To predict and suggest time-saving code completions, the artificial intelligence coding assistant analyzes publicly available code using deep learning. With Tabnine's AI-driven autocompletion, there's no longer any need to laboriously type entire lines of code, remember the syntax, or be concerned about typos.


  • Whole-line or function autocompletion and AI code generation 
  • Suggestion of code based on natural language 
  • Operating on advanced code-native and private repo models 
  • Automated code review 
  • Wide-ranging workflow integrations


Ponicode is an AI tool by CircleCI for unit test generation that uses the technology of artificial intelligence code autocompletion. It offers capabilities of building, configuration, and visualization of unit tests that can be generated by this AI-based solution. Ponicode also evaluates and assists in boosting code coverage metrics with all inputs to ensure proper software verification. Automation of test creation and code check-ups allow developers to achieve good code coverage and build functioning software while saving them from doing tiresome tasks.


  • Facilitation of unit test writing with autocomplete AI functionality 
  • Real-time execution with watch mode 
  • Edge case focus for great unit tests 
  • Low code visualization 
  • Code coverage metrics

JetBrains Datalore

Datalore is a collaborative data science platform that has a functionality of database management system. Developers can utilize this AI-powered JetBrains tool to get effective coding assistance in Jupyter notebook. AI coding also works with Python JetBrains IDE like PyCharm, as well as Kotlin, Scala, and R notebooks. From DBMS, Datalore has a feature of adding SQL cells to the notebook in order to query database connections and use the results for intelligent code completion with auto-transferring of data to the pandas library to proceed to work with the dataset in Python. This function enables continuous work with both your editor and databases on one platform.


  • Jupyter-compatible notebooks for convenient code editing 
  • Smart Python, Kotlin, Scala, and R notebooks with AI coding assistant 
  • Data connection and SQL cells 
  • Reporting system 
  • Collaborative coding via teamwork workspaces


With Blackbox AI coder, programmers can select the code they wish to copy from any video, then just paste it into your editor. Code AI copying is possible whether you are participating in a live coding session on Zoom or watching coding courses on YouTube. Blackbox is able simply to copy code from any video as it is from Git Hub or StackOverflow. Blackbox maintains the correct indentation of the code and is compatible with all programming languages. Blackbox erases the need for you to leave your current environment, open numerous tabs, and wade through voluminous documentation and resources in order to find the appropriate code snippet to utilize.


  • Code autocomplete AI 
  • Code search to find code snippets from questions 
  • Extraction of codes from videos, images, and PDF files.


Use advantages of AI-based assistance in development with Visual Studio IntelliCode by Microsoft. IntelliCode AI writes code recommendations based on tens of thousands of GitHub open-source projects. The completion list is designed to encourage common practices when combined with the context of your code. Statement completion is just one feature of IntelliCode. Additionally, it analyzes the script patterns and places those suggestions on the top of the list that are likely to be prioritized. With some languages, developers can set their own customized code base properties or methods. IntelliCode coding assistant can provide suggestions based on your code and share them with your team. With the use of this preview capability, you can create a team model to offer suggestions on non-open source code, such as methods on your own utility classes or calls to domain-specific libraries.


  • AI code generation and whole-line autocomplete 
  • Refactoring and repetitive edits 
  • Analysis of code contents and patterns for better suggestions 
  • Quick Actions in Visual Studio 
  • Team completions


AiXcoder uses cutting-edge deep learning model compression algorithms to operate smoothly locally. Huge amounts of open-source code are used to train the models. and tailored to various sectors. The ability to search open-source code on GitHub is smoothly incorporated into the IDE's search box. High-quality code is filtered out of the search results using deep learning. Examples and usage of the search API. To prevent redundant coding, look for comparable code.


  • Method-level code generation 
  • Intelligent code completion 
  • Smart code search 
  • Customized artificial intelligence coding assistant for enterprises


CodeGeeX extension for Visual Studio Code that facilitates programming in several programming languages. Software developers use CodeGeeX's few-shot capability to transform it into a custom online coding helper in addition to its multilingual code production and translation capabilities. It means that CodeGeeX will mimic the actions taken by a few examples that are provided as additional prompts in the input and generate codes accordingly. This capability can be used to provide some cool features, such as code explanation, summarization, generation with a particular coding style, and more. For instance, adding code snippets that reflect one's personal coding style will cause CodeGeeX to produce codes that are comparable to those added.


  • Multilingual code generation with artificial intelligence 
  • Crosslingual code translation 
  • Customizable programming AI assistant

OpenAI Codex

With more than a dozen programming languages under its belt, OpenAI Codex turns written language into code being capable of understanding straightforward user requests and carrying them out on the user's behalf. This general-purpose programming model makes it possible to create a natural language interface for already-existing apps. The coding assistant by OpenAI also enables transpilation, code explaining, and efficient refactoring. Developers can use the company’s API to build on top of Codex AI. Its training data includes both natural language and billions of lines of source code from freely accessible sources, including code from open GitHub repositories. OpenAI Codex is a successor of the GPT-3 code generator model.


  • OpenAI Codex turns comments in natural language into computer-readable code 
  • AI autocomplete of code lines or functions in context 
  • Recommendation of useful libraries or API calls for applications 
  • Code review and rewrite for optimization

OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the latest language model created by OpenAI. It functions like an AI coding assistant that can understand natural language questions and basically hold a conversation. It’s literally a chatbot that can respond to your requests or reject them if their format is inappropriate, detect bugs in code, and suggest solutions in follow-up messages. It follows algorithms and instructions on a basis of a previous model, InstructGPT, to provide prompt answers. Using ChatGPT is a great help in writing code as developers can paste blocks of their code and ask for optimization advice or find mistakes, etc. The AI-powered chatbot is still in training so further research will show its all capabilities.


  • Code suggestions and debugging 
  • AI autocomplete of code 
  • NLP on the basis of GPT-3.5 
  • Optimization code review and rewrite


Embold assists programmers and development teams by identifying important code flaws before they become obstacles. It is the ideal tool for effectively analyzing, diagnosing, transforming, and maintaining your software. With the aid of artificial intelligence coding and machine learning technologies, Embold can quickly prioritize problems, recommend the best solutions, and refactor software as needed. Run it on-premises, in the cloud, privately or publicly, and as part of your current DevOps stack.


  • Code review and monitoring of quality 
  • Establishing of Key Performance Indicators 
  • Refactoring support 
  • Anti-patterns detection for tech debt management
  • Multidementional scan


One of the most sophisticated static analysis tool for code is DeepCode. It uses semantic analysis to find hundreds of thousands of rules in open-source code that each developer can use. The highest level of precision in the field and a large number of suggestions that DeepCode can find are produced by the combination of machine learning and semantic internal representation.


  • Static code analysis 
  • Alerts about critical vulnerabilities 
  • Security examination and fixes 
  • Automated code review


A Python AI programming tool and source code analyzer called Pylint searches for coding errors, aids in enforcing a coding standard, and detects some code smells. Pylint has far too many rules activated by default for a program of its size to mute them all. Thanks to handling pragmas, it can be easily customized and controlled from within your code. Additionally, you can create plugins to add custom checks.


  • Static analysis of code 
  • Code review and smells detection 
  • Refactoring support 
  • High level of possible configuration 
  • Ecosystem of plugins for popular libraries and frameworks


AskCodi belongs to AI-powered tools for programmers designed to prevent redundant chores for less time wasted on development and more time for execution. The platform includes 10 applications with special AI features to write code and ensure its quality. By providing tools where you can essentially ask Codi AI to answer coding problems, explain code, describe code, or test code, AskCodi speeds up the development process. For developers having trouble finding solutions online, specialized programs like scientific analysis, data science, and many more are helpful.


  • Frontend and Backend Syntax generation 
  • DocStrings generation for coding documentation 
  • Automated AI helper in writing test cases 
  • Building SQL and NoSQL query with NLP technology

PyCharm Intelligent Coding Assistance

PyCharm is one of JetBrains Python IDEs (most efficient) that also supports a bunch of other popular programming languages. Among numerous features of typical IDEs, the AI coding assistance function takes a special place in being helpful for developers. PyCharm offers intelligent code completion along with automated code refactorings, comprehensive navigation features, code inspections, on-the-fly error flagging, and quick fixes.


  • Intelligent code editor 
  • Smart code navigation 
  • Efficient and secure refactoring 
  • DocStrings generation and documentation review


We hope this article was useful for you and helped to find out more about the beneficial features of AI coding and the use of coding assistants in present-day programming. Indeed, the potential of artificial intelligence code writing can be considered tremendous, as they help in coding freeing programmers from mundane processes and boring tasks. However, it’s too soon to fully entrust the quality of your software to AI tools. For now, choose the best AI-based coding assistant from our list of programmer tools to facilitate your day-to-day work and enable focusing on more creative and important assignments. To stay informed of all codewriting AI news for developers, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our blog. We closely monitor all the latest tendencies in AI coding and other innovations from the IT world and share them in our articles to keep you updated.

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