Tesla's AI Could Kill, Says Apple’s Co-Founder After Self-Driving Car Failures

  • Elon Musk comes under criticism… again. 
  • Unfulfilled promises from Tesla’s CEO about self-driving cars. 
Tesla AI Could kill says Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, has criticized Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, who’s recently got on the news because of his dangerous AI plans. He called out Musk for not keeping his promise of improving self-driving cars and warned that the automaker's artificial intelligence technology could be unsafe. Wozniak applauded Musk's efforts to popularize electric vehicles, but he expressed disappointment in his inability to deliver on self-driving cars. He pointed out at Tesla's AI technology as an example of AI failure that could be dangerous, and urged for regulations. According to his words, ensuring ethical and safety considerations should be prioritized when developing such powerful technologies.

“He promised us self-driving cars by 2016, and I paid for it. I upgraded to the $50,000 version, but it never came to be. He’s always had these promises and it doesn’t happen,” Wozniak said in the interview with CNN.

Despite all the disappointment and warnings, Apple’s co-founder isn’t actually afraid of the self-driving cars. On his opinion, their real delivery would be a great breakthrough in the spheres of transportation, logistics, and many others. His major concern it that without regulations and safeguards the technology can be misused and bring danger to many people.

In general, we can see that Wozniak supports the responsible development of artificial intelligence, as many other high-ranked techies express concerns. He has been a proponent of ethical AI, and in March, he was one of several technology leaders who signed an open letter calling for a six-month halt to the development of AI systems that are more advanced than GPT-4 language model.

In addition to his concerns about AI, Wozniak commented on Musk's management of Twitter, which he purchased in 2022. Wozniak abstains from social media and thus has no opinion on the matter.

Summing up we can see that Wozniak's remarks underscore the significance of responsible artificial intelligence technology development and the need of alignment with ethical principles to be at the forefront of innovation in fields such as AI software and autonomous vehicles.

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