Twitter Users Dislike Lack of Security

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Twitter Users Dislike Lack of Security

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, the company has continued to make changes to its offerings. At this point, Twitter users are now expressing their dislike of a key element of a security feature being altered. On February 17, the social media announced that it will no longer allow customers to apply their phone for two-factor authentication. The security specialists set up method that contains a password and getting individually generated code to reduce the risk of hacking. Such a procedure can be identified as multi-factor authorization.

Many users were quick to tweet their disapproval of this change.

Another user noted the importance of such security features but nonetheless criticized Elon Musk's move in charging for a basic necessity.

The social media community will now only allow two-factor authorization for users who sign up for Twitter Blue. The paid subscription service was launched by Musk after his $44 billion receiving of Twitter last year.

Twitter Blue subscribers will have to pay $8 a month to use the service on the web and $11 a month for iOS or Android devices. The move has caused concern among some users who believe this is a crucial security feature that should be free to all users.

After March 20, 2023, Twitter will no longer allow non-Twitter Blue subscribers to use text messages for two-factor authentication. The company encouraged users to operate an authentication app or security key method instead. Since Musk's takeover, he has sought ways to generate more revenue, and Twitter Blue is one of the few monetization tools outside of advertising sales. Also, after taking a large debt load for accumulating the micro blogging service, he has been trying to boost income and cut costs in order to help carry this difficulty. Thus, Musk laid off 1000 the social media workers after the acquisition closed in late October.

It is worth to add, Twitter consumers are not impressed with the latest changes to the security feature. Many of them believe that it is an unwise move, especially for a site that has been known to spread misinformation. Such a comment was written by some who disagreed.

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