Musk's thoughts to build TruthGPT that might annihilate humans

  • The post-pandemic "tech wreck" doesn't affect the obsession with AI 
  • Musk's plans to surpass himself and build TruthGPT 
Musk's thoughts to build TruthGPT that might annihilate humans

The post-pandemic "tech wreck" has resulted in nearly a quarter of a million job losses across Silicon Valley's biggest tech firms, with only Apple emerging unscathed. This has been coupled with a collective $4 trillion (£3 trillion) loss in market value for big tech stocks in 2022. Despite this, tech moguls are relentlessly focused on the next big thing, and many are now turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as their new obsession. The latest to jump aboard the AI bandwagon is none other than Elon Musk, who plans to join OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft in the rapidly escalating AI arms race.A

AI hype takes over from crypto

Musk has stated that he intends to create an AI that seeks maximum truth, called TruthGPT. He believes that an AI that cares about understanding the universe is unlikely to harm humans because we are an interesting part of the universe. However, this assertion is concerning on several levels. Musk himself has been inconsistent in his views on AI, having recently signed a petition calling for a pause on the building of AI systems due to concerns that the technology is getting out of control.

Assuming Musk is serious about becoming a major AI player, the most alarming aspect of his Fox News interview is his admission that his version of AI will "hopefully do more good than harm." Hope is not a reassuring word when it comes to AI, which has the potential to trigger positive change but also poses a real risk to mankind.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai who has interpreted AI as "the most profound technology humanity is working on," recently has also referred to it as a "black box" and admitted that quick improvements in AI keep him on his guard.

Eliezer Yudkowsky, a decision theorist and lead researcher at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in Berkeley, California, warns "The key issue is not 'human-competitive' intelligence; it's what happens after AI gets to smarter-than-human intelligence." Yudkowsky believes that the most likely outcome of building superhumanly smart AI is that "literally everyone on Earth will die."

Despite these warnings, Silicon Valley continues to plow ahead with AI development, without a regulatory body to oversee the technology. Unless something changes, no one is willing to step in to stop what could be a catastrophic outcome.

In conclusion, Musk's intentions to build TruthGPT might only stay words due to his actions and behavior on Twitter, his recent position about AI in general, and just cunning character for his own benefit. The post-pandemic "tech wreck" doesn't affect AI because the technology is gaining momentum every day and impresses individuals with its unique solutions for every industry. More accurate GPT can be invented but who will be the first discoverer and whether the technology will be able to exceed people’s minds remains a question.

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