NVIDIA Now Offers Its AI Platform And Software In Oracle Cloud Marketplace

  • NVIDIA and Oracle Cloud collaborate to offer the NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI platform and NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, boosting development capabilities.
  • How accelerated computing and software tools by NVIDIA accessible in Oracle Cloud Marketplace can benefit diverse industries.
NVIDIA Offers Its AI Platform In Oracle Cloud

Yesterday, NVIDIA, one of the world’s leaders in AI and accelerated computing, announced in the company’s blog the next step in cooperation with Oracle Cloud. Now, Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers the NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing platform and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. This new addition will allow Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers to quickly and easily access powerful accelerated computing and software to run secure and stable production AI.

This collaboration benefits not only Nvidia’s products but also Oracle Cloud since it has improved its development and deployment capabilities with a ground-breaking addition to its services. With the aid of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, which can be trained on DGX Cloud through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, businesses are now able to launch app deployment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With clients from a variety of industries, including healthcare, scientific research, financial services, telecommunications, and more, OCI serves as the core foundation for several companies throughout the world.

Customers of OCI can develop models for generative AI applications such as intelligent chatbots, search, summarization, and content creation using the DGX Cloud.

The software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform is brought to OCI by NVIDIA AI Enterprise. It comprises NVIDIA RAPIDS for data science, NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server for accelerating production AI, NVIDIA NeMo frameworks for creating LLMs, and NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM. Also included is NVIDIA software for cybersecurity, machine vision, voice AI, and other uses. Support, security, and stability at the enterprise level guarantee a seamless transition of AI initiatives from pilot to production.

An AI supercomputing platform is immediately accessible with NVIDIA DGX Cloud. NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA DGX Cloud can be purchased by qualified clients using their current Oracle Universal Credits.

For training advanced models for generative AI and other ground-breaking applications, businesses have access to multi-node training on NVIDIA GPUs, partnered with NVIDIA AI software, hosted by OCI.

For multi-node training, each DGX Cloud instance includes eight NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs coupled by network fabric. To help organizations train large language models (LLMs) more quickly, this high-performance computing architecture also features market-leading AI development software and provides access to NVIDIA AI expertise.

Customers of OCI can use DGX Cloud using the NVIDIA Base Command Platform, which enables web-based access for developers to an AI supercomputer. Base Command Platform makes it easier to manage multinode clusters by giving a unified picture of the customer's AI infrastructure.

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, businesses can easily create an application once and deploy it on both OCI and their on-premises infrastructure, making the adoption of a multi- or hybrid-cloud strategy affordable and simple. Customers may quickly move from training on DGX Cloud to putting their AI application into production with NVIDIA AI Enterprise on OCI because NVIDIA AI Enterprise is integrated with NVIDIA DGX Cloud. This is possible since the AI software runtime is the same in both environments.

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