Qualcomm presents new solutions to boost the IoT ecosystem

  • Processors aimed at meeting the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial IoT apps. 
  • The Vice President’s of Qualcomm Technologies thoughts 
Qualcomm presents new solutions to boost the IoT ecosystem

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a leader in wireless technologies, announced new IoT solutions designed to enhance the capabilities of next-generation IoT devices. The new solutions include Qualcomm® QCS8550, Qualcomm® QCM8550, Qualcomm® QCS4490, and Qualcomm® QCM4490 Processors that are aimed at meeting the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial IoT applications.

They offer advanced functions and versatility to support the expansion of the IoT ecosystem in various segments, such as video collaboration, cloud gaming, retail, and much more. The new and upgraded ways are expected to power the next generation of high-performing IoT applications, with their combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as edge AI processing, power efficiency, crystal-clear video, and 5G connectivity.

According to Dev Singh, the Vice President of Business Development and Head of Building, Enterprise & Industrial Automation at Qualcomm Technologies, the company is uniquely positioned to take the IoT ecosystem forward.

The Qualcomm QCS8550 and QCM8550 Processors are engineered to provide extreme processing power, Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, and bright graphics and video for high-performance IoT applications, including autonomous mobile robots and industrial drones. The solutions are designed with Qualcomm Technologies' AI architecture set to deliver maximum compute power for a diverse range of business models and use cases.

Moreover, the QCS8550 and QCM8550 Processors include robust video and graphics processing capabilities for allowing captivating cloud gaming, video collaboration, and video streaming experiences. The QCS4490 and QCM4490 Processors, on the other hand, deliver premium connectivity and next-gen processing capabilities to industrial handheld and computing devices.

They are built with both 5G and Wi-Fi 6E, which enables multi-gigabit speeds, extended range, and low latency. The QCS4490 and QCM4490 Processors are created with planned support for Android releases through version 18. Thats implies that they can be utilized in industrial designs through 2030, giving flexibility and longevity for improving development time and cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, these solutions are perfect for IoT apps that require low-latency connectivity, boosted reliability, and an improved development time such as enhanced retail and point of sale, and control and automation applications such as security panels. With a set of connectivity and processing potentialities, all the aforementioned processors are expected to create huge value for a numerous of industrial use cases.

Qualcomm's innovations and Snapdragon platforms will help in allowing cloud-edge convergence, modify industries, speed up the digital economy, and change the way how we experience the world, for the bigger welfare. The company's one technology roadmap allows it to effectively scale the technologies that launched the mobile revolution to the next level of connected intelligent devices over industries.

It is worth adding that Qualcomm Inc. involves the company's licensing business, QTL, and the great part of its patent portfolio, operates, along with its subsidiaries. Snapdragon and Qualcomm branded products are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries, and Qualcomm patented technologies are licensed by Qualcomm Incorporated.

In conclusion, Qualcomm Inc. offers new solutions that can really change the IoT ecosystem in a positive way and simplify people’s lives in performing their tasks in any industry. IoT can accalerate all business processes and provide more effective work for individuals including cost saving issues.

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