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Introducing GUS: AI Website Builder

Universe, the popular no-code mobile website builder, has recently unveiled its latest innovation, an AI-powered website designer named GUS (Generative Universe Sites), available in beta. This cutting-edge tool enables users to effortlessly construct and launch custom websites directly from their iOS devices.

With GUS, users embark on their website-building journey through a conversation-like interface within the familiar Universe grid editor. Rather than beginning with pre-defined templates, GUS initiates a dialogue, prompting users with questions like, "What kind of website would you like to build today?" GUS then collects essential details about the user's vision, such as preferred design elements, color schemes, and the desired number of pages.

Once armed with the user's input, GUS promptly generates an editable layout. Any aspect of the layout can be manually adjusted without requiring any coding knowledge. For instance, users can easily swap out images or make other modifications to achieve their desired aesthetic. Once satisfied with the design, users can effortlessly publish their completed website.

Joseph Cohen, the founder, and CEO of Universe, expressed the company's mission to empower everyone to build their corner of the internet. He praised generative AI as a revolutionary means to achieve this vision, as GUS can take users' concepts and materialize them with remarkable ease. The GUS beta is now accessible to all Universe app users on iOS, with plans to expand its availability to web users in the near future.

GUS Beta Now Available for iOS Users

Universe's GUS shares similarities with Wix's AI Site Generator, introduced earlier this month. Wix's tool also uses AI to generate websites based on users' descriptions, complete with a homepage, inner pages, text, images, and specialized sections for businesses, events, and bookings.

Both Universe and Wix intend to aid small and medium-sized businesses in establishing and maintaining effective websites to drive sales—a process that can be challenging for many. A 2022 survey by Top Design Firms revealed that almost 27% of small businesses still lack a website, with low traffic, the addition of advanced functionalities, and cost cited as top obstacles.

However, these AI-powered tools aren't solely targeted at business owners. They offer a user-friendly platform for anyone, including tattoo artists, general contractors, students, pragmatists, and visionaries, to stake their claim on the digital landscape using the device they carry in their pocket daily.

The universe remains dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility in web design. In a press release, the company highlighted GUS as a significant milestone in this journey, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to breathe life into their creative visions on the digital canvas.

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