Instagram Launches AI-Powered Background Editing Tool

  • How does Instagram's new AI tool transform user Stories' backgrounds?
  • What prompts are available for personalized background transformations?
Instagram Unveils AI Background Editor for Stories

Instagram has unveiled its cutting-edge generative AI-driven background editing tool exclusively for users in the United States. Meta's leading expert in generative AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle, shared the exciting news on Threads, highlighting that the innovative tool empowers users to transform the backdrop of their images seamlessly within Stories.

Upon selecting the background editor icon on an image, users are presented with a range of creative prompts such as "On a red carpet," "Being chased by dinosaurs," and "Surrounded by puppies." Alternatively, users have the freedom to devise their prompts for a personalized background transformation. The user experience is further enriched by the tool's intuitive interface, making the process both engaging and user-friendly.

Once a user shares a Story featuring the newly generated background, an enticing "Try it" sticker accompanies the post. This sticker serves as an invitation for others to explore and play with the image generation tool, fostering a dynamic and interactive community experience.

Story Featuring the Newly Generated Background

In a broader context, Meta, Instagram's parent company, has been making significant strides in integrating AI across its platforms. Recently, Meta made its 28 AI-powered characters accessible to U.S.-based users on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This integration is coupled with support for Bing search and an enhanced context window, elevating the overall user experience.

Furthermore, Meta introduced a standalone AI-image generator named Imagine with Meta, leveraging its proprietary Emu model. This strategic move signifies Meta's commitment to advancing AI technologies and providing users with innovative tools to unleash their creativity across its diverse ecosystem of apps.

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