TNS to Deploy Cloud Computing Servers for Coinbase

  • Coinbase finds a way to improve Derivatives Exchange performance. 
  • Faster transactions with efficient cloud computing servers and network hardware. 
TNS to Deploy Cloud Computing Servers for Coinbase

On April 4, Transaction Network Services (TNS), the top data communication firm, made an announcement about the deployment of cloud computing servers and network hardware solutions for Coinbase Derivatives Exchange (CDE). The main goal of such a partnership between the global provider of data communication and the cryptocurrency exchange platform is to accelerate growth and adoption rates and encourage active individual traders with the enhancement of regulated futures exchanges and faster transactions.

The TNS’ support package includes the company’s recently presented Dedicated Server which will be implemented to improve the performance of CDE’s infrastructure in Secaucus, NJ, and Aurora, IL. With this solution, CDE will be able to obtain low latency trading and improved storage capacity which are vital for the processing of large data sets.

In addition to the Dedicated Server, CDE will also receive access to TNS’ network gaining low latency connection through any TNS data center around the world. Such support will help Coinbase to ensure it remains competitive and accessible to a broader base of customers. Another advantageous feature delivered to CDE is the connection to the TNS’ extensive financial community with more than 2,800 endpoints.

Commenting on the collaboration in the press release, Tom Lazenga, General Manager of TNS’ Financial Markets business, said, “We’re pleased to add the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange to our robust exchange community. Our institutional customers can now access crypto futures markets with resilient, high-performance connectivity.”

To prepare for the deployment of the systems, TNS worked closely with CDE and their network team, to be able to deliver the systems quickly when network hardware and long lead times were highly demanded. The dedicated hardware, hosting, and switching computer system were initially situated in the Equinix NY6 data center before being deployed in current CDE centers of production in Secaucus, NJ, and Aurora, IL.

“Crypto has witnessed both volatile and liquid markets and with institutional adoption remaining strong, we believe the time is right for the offering that TNS brings to the table. Dedicated cloud infrastructure connectivity coupled with our derivatives exchange represents a mission-critical step toward supporting and maintaining a vibrant and reliable crypto derivatives market.”

By enlisting TNS’ expertise and support, CDE can be confident in its ability to meet the needs of its growing customer base while remaining competitive in an ever-changing market.

Overall, we can assume that the new cloud-based financial trading infrastructure provided by TNS will bring major improvements to Coinbase Derivatives Exchange. The cryptocurrency market grows and evolves basically every second, so it’s important to ensure high-level velocity and accessibility of operations with top-notch solutions like the aforementioned.

Transferring processes and using the cloud to improve speed and security isn’t a new tendency. Many businesses realized the beneficial features of the cloud and use them to optimize operations. Among them is AeroCloud, a startup software for airport management, that is fully based on cloud technology.

Another example we’ve written about before is Cisco with solutions for multi-cloud environments that optimize security.

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