Cisco`s Plans for Optimizing its Security Cloud Portfolio

  • Cisco thinks about acquiring Valtix 
  • Valtix`s offerings for enforcing networking policies 
Cisco`s Plans for Optimizing its Security Cloud Portfolio

Cisco has announced plans to purchase Valtix, a startup that provides security solutions for multi-cloud environments. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but as a strategic investor in Valtix since 2020, Cisco is already familiar with the company's personnel and product offerings. Valtix offers a cloud-native, easy-to-use control plane that enables customers to enforce networking policies across all major public cloud environments. This is a strategic move for Cisco as it looks for opportunities to expand its software and cloud service portfolio, with a particular focus on network security in modern contexts.

Valtix's acquisition follows Cisco's previous obtaining of security companies Duo Security in 2018 and Kenna Security in 2021. Valtix was launched in 2020 and has earned more than $26 million in funding since then, together with a $12.5 million Series A round in which Cisco Investments participated.

The deal is expected to close by the end of Q3 FY2023 and, if all things being equal, Valtix will be integrated/involved into Cisco's security business group.

To sum up, for companies utilizing multiple cloud infrastructure vendors, configuring security can be a significant challenge. Valtix's expertise in securing multi-cloud environments is a worthy addition to Cisco's security business group, as the company continues to evolve from a pure networking company to a more comprehensive software and cloud services provider.

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