Stability AI Unveils Stable 3D: AI to Generate 3D Models

  • How does Stable 3D differentiate itself in 3D model creation?
  • What are the legal concerns surrounding Stable 3D's data sources?
Stable 3D: 3D Model Generation Revolution

Stability AI, the innovative startup renowned for its text-to-image AI model, Stable Diffusion, is making waves in the generative AI sphere with its latest release. Introducing Stable 3D, an AI-powered application designed to revolutionize 3D model creation for both novice and expert users.

Stable 3D is not just another run-of-the-mill application; it's a game-changer. This AI-driven app allows users to effortlessly produce textured 3D objects compatible with popular modeling and game development platforms such as Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine, and Unity. What sets it apart is its ability to generate "draft-quality" 3D models in a matter of minutes. Stability AI 3D aims to level the playing field for independent designers and developers by enabling them to create thousands of 3D objects daily, all at minimal cost.

The traditional 3D content creation process is known for its intricacies and often takes hours or even days to craft moderately complex 3D objects. Stability 3D emerges as a time-saving solution, revolutionizing the industry by making 3D object creation accessible to all.

Stable 3D boasts an array of features that make it a robust player in the 3D model generation arena. Users can describe the 3D models they desire in natural language or upload existing images and illustrations for conversion. The application outputs 3D models in the widely used ".obj" file format, making it compatible with standard 3D modeling tools for further editing and manipulation.

3D Models Generated with Stability AI’s New Stable 3D Tool

While Stability AI's commitment to user-friendliness and practicality shines through Stable 3D, concerns regarding the data used for training the model are starting to emerge. Given the potential risks associated with copyrighted data, users may unwittingly incorporate IP-infringing work into their projects, raising questions about legalities and licensing.

The 3D model generation sector is bustling with competitors, including platforms like 3DFY and Scenario, as well as startups like Kaedim, Auctoria, Mirage, Luma, and Hypothetic. Industry giants like Autodesk and Nvidia have also made forays into the field with applications like Get3D and ClipForge. Furthermore, Meta and OpenAI have experimented with AI to generate 3D models, intensifying the competition.

Stable 3D marks Stability AI's endeavor to adapt to an increasingly competitive landscape, where art-creating generative AI platforms like Midjourney and OpenAI are gaining prominence. The startup's ability to thrive in this challenging environment remains to be seen.

In addition to its IP-related controversies, Stability AI has grappled with financial challenges. Reports indicate that the company has faced issues related to payroll and wage payments, leading to concerns about its stability. However, Stability AI recently secured $25 million through a convertible note, bringing its total funding to over $125 million. Despite these financial injections, the startup faces challenges in attaining a valuation of $4 billion, as it previously aimed, due to its low revenues.

In a bid to differentiate itself and boost sales, Stability AI has announced new features for its AI-powered photo editing suite. These features include a model fine-tuning tool, allowing users to personalize art-generating models, and a "sky replacer" feature, which seamlessly swaps the color and aesthetics of skies in photos with preset alternatives. These additions join Stability AI's growing suite of AI-powered products, which includes Stable Audio, Stable Doodle, and a chatbot akin to ChatGPT.

As Stability AI continues to navigate challenges in the tech industry, its latest offering, Stable 3D, has the potential to reshape the world of 3D content creation. However, questions surrounding data usage and IP concerns must be addressed to ensure its success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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