Microsoft-backed OpenAI to Let Users Customize ChatGPT

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Microsoft-backed OpenAI to let users customize ChatGPT

OpenAI, the startup responsible for ChatGPT, announced on Thursday that it is working on an upgrade to its growing chatbot that will allow users to customize the AI and mitigate concerns over bias in artificial intelligence. The San Francisco-based startup, which is funded by Microsoft, said it has worked to reduce political and other preconceived opinions but also wanted to accommodate a more diverse range of views. The upgrade will offer customization as a solution, but with some limitations on the system's behavior. ChatGPT, released in November 2022, has caused excitement in the field of generative AIs producing responses that mimic human speech.

This news came after some media outlets had raised disquiet about answers from Microsoft's new Bing search engine, powered by OpenAI. Also, they noted technology's unpreparedness for wider implementation nowadays.

Tech companies in the generative AI space are still grappling with how to set guardrails for this emerging technology. Microsoft said that user feedback is helping it improve Bing to roll it out more widely, including learning that its AI chatbot can be "provoked" to provide unintended responses.

OpenAI revealed that ChatGPT's answers are trained on large text datasets ready for use on the Internet and reviewed by humans in a smaller dataset with guidelines for diverse scenarios. For instance, if a user requests content that is violent, adult-oriented, or contains hate speech, the human reviewer will direct ChatGPT to respond with something like "I can't answer that." In controversial topics, the reviewers should allow ChatGPT to provide answers while describing viewpoints of people and movements rather than trying to take a definite stance on these complex subjects, according to the company's instructions for the software.

At last, AI technologies are developing and improving rapidly. ChatGPT is an illustrative example. How many new things OpenAI will implement to its latest developments are still unknown. Also, a few days ago excited AI discussion happened with Techies Flock to San Francisco’s First-Ever Generative AI Conference as Industry Booms.

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