Techies Flock to first-ever Generative AI Conference in San Francisco`s as Industry Evolves

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Generative AI Conference in San Francisco

As Valentine’s Day was celebrated around the world, over 1,000 tech enthusiasts gathered at San Francisco’s Pier 27 convention center for the first-ever Gen AI conference. The industry leaders discussed generative artificial intelligence (AI). Attendees were excited about the current state of AI, as products like OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and Dall-E digital image generator have captured the public’s imagination and venture capitalists have invested more than 6.8 billion in Bay Area AI companies. Despite the conference tickets being sold for $450, the one-day event was sold out and Pier 27 was packed with techies using AI in their work. They were convinced that the technology would fundamentally change the way we live.

The conference brought together people from a range of industries who have been experimenting with the AI in different ways. Jerlyn O’Donnell, who works in healthcare marketing, uses ChatGPT to create worksheets, that serve as a travel guide and summarize Wikipedia articles about his native country of Dominica. It is worth to mention that some of that work had incorrect details. He believes that tools like ChatGPT could help healthcare companies rewrite text for people with lower reading levels or explain medications in understandable language.

Also, some of those interested had a doubtful opinions of the AI solution. One of such people turned out to be Atin Gupta, who works for, a company that uses the AI to avoid waste in global supply chains. He believes that the generative AI will disrupt the entire creative industry. Large companies such as Netflix or Youtube, can become not in demand, if everyone will be able to design videos by themselves.

Pedro Tsividis, the founder of Infinite Music, uses AI to build tools for musicians, producers, and others. He claims that the AI could allow just about anyone to create music, whether they’re musically trained or not. He says that if people have the opportunity to interface with video, image, or music generation, in any of these industries where they are not experts, they will think deeper and wider in the art environment. Thus, society will get a new type of creating art.

The conference also drew individuals from other parts of the world, including Michael Cockburn, the co-founder of Desana, a startup that helps multinational tech companies find flexible workspaces globally. He hopes that the technology can help the company increase its internal efficiency and use its own data better.

Also, the meeting was visited by Thea Ulrich, a senior producer at Web 3 ID, whose product provides people with “identity sovereignty”. She is unsure what prospects the AI holds, but she hopes that its ability to gather facts and perform functions will put more emphasis on human opinions, empowering people to develop their own personal points of view.

We can conclude, the AI industry is gaining momentum. Numbers of opinions describe its impact on diverse branches. It can open new horizons but change something in a bad way too. As well as, remind you

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