JetBrains New AI Assistant: A Challenge to GitHub Copilot

  • How does JetBrains' AI Assistant stack up against GitHub Copilot in features and cost?
  • Which language models fuel JetBrains' AI Assistant?
JetBrains AI: GitHub Copilot Rival

JetBrains, renowned for its innovative Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), has just unleashed its new AI Assistant, a game-changing feature embedded in 2023. A significant departure from the company's tradition of top-notch refactoring, this new assistant is poised to revolutionize the developer experience. However, the burning question on everyone's mind is: how does it stack up against the GitHub Copilot?

Available exclusively in paid IDEs, JetBrains AI Assistant is priced at a competitive $8.33 per user/month for individuals and $16.67 for organizations. The Assistant is built upon the JetBrains AI Service, leveraging a blend of OpenAI's latest models, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, as well as their proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs). Excitingly, Google’s Codey and Vertex AI are slated for integration, with the AI service automatically selecting the best-fitting model.

This new AI Assistant boasts a diverse array of features accessible through a convenient right-click menu in the editor. These include code documentation generation, language conversion, code explanation, refactoring suggestions, unit test generation, code generation, problem detection, and even a chat function.

This New AI Assistant Boasts a Diverse Array of Features Accessible

While supporting a multitude of languages, users must subscribe to a paid IDE, with individual plans starting at $100 annually and $10 per month for a monthly commitment. Organizations pay double, and Enterprise plans offer on-premises installation and model customization, though pricing details remain undisclosed.

JetBrains is stepping into the AI coding arena, where GitHub Copilot has firmly established itself with over 5 million downloads of its extension for JetBrains IDEs. Copilot's popularity is evident, yet JetBrains believes its AI Assistant will captivate users with an enhanced user experience.

Initial feedback on JetBrains AI Assistant is mixed. Some developers express disappointment, citing experiences worse than manual code copying. Others find it addictive, canceling Copilot due to subscription fatigue.

Criticism has also surfaced regarding pricing, acknowledging the inherent costs of operating an AI service. The FAQ hints at potential feature access adjustments based on usage to maintain optimal performance and fairness among users.

JetBrains CEO Max Shafirov asserts that this is just the beginning, with numerous developments in the pipeline. The AI Assistant launch positions JetBrains as a major player in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI coding services.

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