Forbes Unleashes Adelaide: Personal AI Search Companion

  • Adelaide boosts reader engagement on Forbes.
  • What sets Adelaide apart from AI-generated articles?
Forbes Presents Adelaide: Your AI Search Platform

Recently, Forbes has unveiled a generative AI search platform, named "Adelaide," developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, aimed at delivering personalized search experiences for its readers. This personal companion is designed to cater to readers' specific queries and general topic searches. Adelaide offers not only recommended articles but also concise answers to their questions, all within Forbes' extensive coverage scope. Adelaide's training data draws from Forbes stories, encompassing the past 12 months of news and list coverage.

Forbes' Chief Digital and Information Officer, Vadim Supitskiy, expressed the publication's ambition to enhance engagement both with its search feature and the content it offers. He stated:

"Engagement with search has been pretty standard for us, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to innovate using generative AI and boost the number of users that look for information."

The benefit is that readers can effortlessly engage with Adelaide by clicking the dedicated button on the Forbes website or accessing the Adelaide beta page directly. They can ask questions, and then drawing from Forbes' extensive library of news stories, opinion pieces, and lists, Adelaide promptly generates a summary. In a live demonstration, Supitskiy showcased Adelaide's conversational capabilities, highlighting that users can continue their interaction by posing follow-up questions. The platform retains memory of the previous queries and provides more information about the subject, along with offering different articles.

Forbes' Chief Digital and Information Officer emphasized that while Adelaide marks Forbes' first venture into generative AI tools, the publication has previously explored AI technologies. In 2019, Forbes introduced "Bertie," an AI-powered tool that provided valuable style suggestions to Forbes journalists. Both Adelaide and Bertie have been developed utilizing tools from Google Cloud, with Forbes building Adelaide on top of Google's generative AI APIs. Additionally, Forbes introduced "ForbesOne" in 2021, a machine-learning platform aimed at tailoring personalized content recommendations for users.

Generally speaking, Forbes envisions a promising future for Adelaide, although the publication has not yet outlined a specific timeline for a full-scale rollout. Supitskiy aspires to eventually expand Adelaide's knowledge base to encompass Forbes' entire archive, dating back to its inception in 1917, a testament to Forbes' commitment to providing an enriched and intelligent reading experience for its audience.

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