Visualizer for a leading surfacing solution provider

Specialists of Atlasiko created a practical web solution for a global-level enterprise, Formica Group, to facilitate the surfacing selection for their customers. We developed a top-notch visualizer that enhances product showcasing and ensures a positive client experience.

Years on the market
Styles & colors for designs
Development time
Aug 2021 – May 2022;
Aug 2022 – present
Formica preview

About the case

The Formica® brand is well-known worldwide thanks to the company’s global network of design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales operations. They are the largest manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) in the world. As a prominent global supplier of branded, custom-designed surfacing solutions, Formica Group wanted to ensure maximum convenience for the clients so the organization contacted Atlasiko to implement their innovative idea in life. Our professionals in web design and development created an efficient visualization tool that is aimed to showcase Formica’s products and positively influence the decision-making process. The whole project was divided into two parts – first, our developers and designers worked on completing the main tasks and presenting Formica with a viable visualizer; second, we performed services of support maintenance and optimization and do it even now.

Delivered IT services

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IT Consulting Services

Atlasiko Inc. offers top-notch IT consulting services and develops successful digital transformation plans for companies in a range of industries. In order to create the best plan for the project execution and choose the most efficient strategies, we carefully analyzed the market, competitors, and major business objectives for Formica.

Web Design Services

Our web designers always make sure solutions have an impeccable design with a sufficient level of intuitiveness and a pleasant-looking interface. They have great expertise in UI/UX, 3D rendering, SEO, and other important technologies to provide top service. For Formica, Atlasiko's designers created an intuitive interface of the visualizer with efficient architecture.

Web Development Services

Atlasiko has developed the requested web solution that fully meets our client’s needs and delivered it according to the terms and budget. The developed visualizer has many useful features that allow Formica Group to provide its customers with unique experiences.

Web App Development

We make our apps and software taking into account possibilities for scalability and advantages of accessibility. The visualizer by Atlasiko can be customized if our client wants to add new features. The solution also can be accessed from different devices without losing the quality of the user experience.



We start every project by conducting analytics on the company and the industry in order to be able to identify the project scope while taking into account all specifics, coordinate operations, manage the budget, and handle other issues. We can ensure the project's success through thorough research and calculated preparation.


Our innovative and detailed design benefits businesses as it helps to draw clients' attention right from the start. Thanks to the effort of our UI/UX designers, all of Atlasiko's IT solutions are consistently built to be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to manage.


The programmers at Atlasiko offer excellent full-stack development and customization. They created a variety of useful features that are integrated into the visualizer tool in order to ensure that all of the needs of Formica are addressed. This technology successfully showcases the company’s products, surfacing materials, and possible designs.

Formica Storage


Thorough testing is a part of the design and development of online solutions at every stage. Our QAs and testers tested each feature and function's responsiveness, searched for bugs, and resolved any issues that might occur while using the visualizer.


Atlasiko Inc. also organized the successful launch and release of the visualizer for the leading surfacing solution company. We constantly help firms deploy new software and, if required, provide user training.


As long as the client firm requires Atlasiko's assistance with optimization and updates, our partnership with Formica will continue. We have built a productive model for collaboration that helps our firms to ensure a long-term partnership.

Formica Visualizer

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Software Developers

Technologies and Integrations

We always make sure to use the most efficient tools and technologies to develop feature-rich and responsive IT solutions for our clients successfully.

Frontend: JavaScript, Angular.js Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular Material, jQueryBundling: Webpack, BabelBackend: Java, Node.js, Express.jsDatabase: SQL, MongoDBLibrairies: Chart.js, TinyMCE, Grapes, Editor.js, Rete, Monaco EditorAPI: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedInIntegrations: Salesforce, Sitecore, and Webdam
Technologies and Integrations


August 2021 – IT Consulting
  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy building
  • Project implementation and management consulting
September 2021 Web Design
  • User interface design
  • User experience
  • Interactive design
September 2021 Web Development
  • End-to-end visualizer development
  • Testing and QA
  • Implementation
October 2021 Web App Development
  • Web accessibility with mobile version
  • Integrations
  • Launching
August 2022 Web Development
  • Optimization
  • New features
  • Maintenance and support


Intuitive interface

Our web developers and designers succeeded in building an effective web tool with straightforward navigation and a unified design that emphasizes products and practical capabilities. Customers can quickly access the visualizer on Formica’s website as well as all the relevant information and catalog of surfacing materials online from any device.

Efficient product visualization

The Formica solution now has the precise functionality required for surfacing solution providers, along with useful features like accurate product visualization, thanks to web app development services. Customers can apply filters and browse options organized by brands, hues, and types of stone to easily find the ideal surface materials.

Various layouts for a better showcase

As a result of our web development services, clients of Formica Group now have access to 5 layouts with typical interiors where they can see materials in real-life sceneries. Instead of guessing how the product would look in a room, the application allows one to quickly apply it to a certain area whether it’s a cabinet, a countertop, or a wall.


Atlasiko’s professionals added synchronization of the delivered visualizer with platforms important for business development, CRM, and efficient marketing such as Salesforce, Sitecore, and Webdam. They also set up links to Formica’s social media and other capabilities that allow users to share their projects created in the visualizer.

Case Studies

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8 years
Of experience in delivering IT services
Clients appreciated benefits of collaboration
Successfully completed projects
Company growth within 2 years
Thanks to Atlasiko's rigorous efforts, the client's CTI remarkably increased by 7,300%. Brand awareness among customers also significantly grew by 230% and site browsing clicks increased from 25 to 4,132 per month. The team was also quick in responding and fixing issues raised by the client.
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D Atlasiko review
Ann Gorbyk, CEO, Applet 3D
The company has received positive feedback for the website, with end users praising its sleek and clean design. Stakeholders have also been happy with Atlasiko’s work. The team is highly responsive, and they communicate well. They’re accountability also stands out during the engagement.
Alex Hull Atlasiko review
Alex Hull, Administrative Marketing Assistant, Stone Park USA
Atlastiko has successfully created and launched the website. As a result, the client is able to sell their product. The team has communicated well to provide progress updates and feedback. Their dedication to helping clients has been impressive.
Mykhailo Fedoras Atlasiko review
Mykhailo Fedoras, Business Development Manager, Easy Stone Shop
Atlasiko has successfully completed the software customization in a fairly tight timeline. They've added unique features for the client's specific marketplace needs. They communicate regularly through emails and video chats, and they have a smooth collaboration with the client.
Daniel Bracken Atlasiko review
Daniel Bracken, Head of Product, CountertopSmart
Atlasiko has completed the website but is still under the estimation process for the mobile application. The team has been managing the workflow excellently, although some concerns are not yet completely addressed. But overall, they make up for it through their consistent updates and strong support.
Bob Petrov Atlasiko review
Bob Petrov, Operations Manager,

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