Twilio cuts 17% of its workforce

  • Twilio, a communication company based in San Francisco, has announced plans to downsize its workforce. 
  • The company is looking to become more efficient and profitable by reorganizing into two business branches: Twilio Data & Applications and Twilio Communications.
Twilio cuts 17% of its workforce

Twilio communication company based in San Francisco stated the intention to downsize its staff. It was expected for a lot of workers. Previously, the company had such an experience in September 2022. At that time cloud communications software maker claimed that it would lay off 11% of its employees. So, Monday's news is unpleasant but nevertheless planned. Such an additional cut is anticipated to have a significant impact on 17% of Twilio's worldwide workforce or roughly 1500 jobs.

CEO Jeff Lawson wrote in a Monday email that a step is necessary for the successful reorganization of work. “The week ahead will be about processing all this change and working together to acclimate to our new structure,“ he wrote.

To become more efficient and profitable, the owner said that the enterprise is building two business branches - Twilio Data & Applications and Twilio communications. The first one will be run by Elena Donio, and the second will be led by Khozema Shipchandler. In other words, Twilio needed such structure adjustment to better execute its strategy.

Finally, last week was full of layoffs in large-scale enterprises such as Yahoo, Disney, Zoom, eBay, Boeing, and Dell. Twilio cut was no exception. Those events were caused by fears of ongoing recessions in the economy.

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