New music startup by Apple’s previous executives

  • Apple backs a new music startup 
  • Gamma will support any content creation 
New music startup by Apple’s previous executives

Yesterday it became known that Apple Inc is supporting startup in music launched by one of its previous executives.

Gamma is the company that belongs to Larry Jackson, who was the Apple Music Global Creative Director in the past, and veteran music executive Ike Youssef. This company is like a “brainchild” in their professional career. The enterprise represents itself as a variant of traditional record labels.

Jackson said in a statement that the professionals, forming the present-day art, not only created music, but similarly video, films, podcast, fashion and more. "They shouldn't have to jump through multiple hoops to express themselves”, he added.

It should be said, Gamma assured it will assist content generation regardless of it being music, video or podcasts, and provide audio and video distribution through Vydia, a company it obtained in December 2022.

Bu the way, well-known celebrities such as Snoop Dogg with his Death Row catalog, Rick Ross, and Naomi Campbell, will be included to initial projects. Also, the company thinks about collaborative work with Todd Boehly's Eldridge. His investments include the Los Angeles Dodgers, which is a key financial supporter.

The startup’s investors include the independent studio A24. Gamma refused to discuss a published announcement that it has access to about $1 billion in capital.

To sum up, a new music startup from Gamma can open new talents and support all art spheres. A lot of companies have shown their interest in the Gamma’s idea and the readiness to invest money for the project’s support.

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