Apple Releases New Fix for iPhone Zero-Day Exploited by Hackers

  • Updates in operating systems for iPhone and iPad.
  • Major improvements in security.
Apple Releases New Fix for iPhone Zero-Day

Update your device. The operating systems for iPhone and IPad. Improved security opportunities.

This Monday Apple company presented new versions of the iPhone and IPad operating systems. The main goal of the company is to correct previous accidents (that may be made up) with hackers that exploited OS weak points to hack Apple devices. The note about the security update was followed with the statement that Apple managers are aware of a report that they may have been actively exploited. The company used soothing language for users to calm them down that it wasn't supported by real evidence from a researcher in a controlled environment. So, this was an obvious mistake.

The case also didn't manage to be dealt with without Apple`s appeal to an anonymous researcher and Citizen Lab - an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. The company`s gratitude for their assistance surprised even the aforementioned organizations.

Apple`s representative Scott Redcliffe said that he can't add something new to the written words. Citizen Lab didn't have comments as well. The current event is also directly connected with the Webkit Apple's browser, which is used in Safari and can open ways for hackers. Apple had fixed 7 bugs used in the wild and the only one wasn't concerned with the Webkit. This was mentioned by Motherboard company in 2021.

Now, things were improved in January 2022 when iOS got rid of 9 bugs and only 4 of the mistakes were related to the Webkit.

Nowadays, Apple tries to fix all potential shortcomings and cares about users' experience. Therefore, try to update your device now to see the results of Apple`s work.

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