OpenAI GPT Store to be delayed to 2024

  • GPT Store release postponed to the next year, memo by OpenAI.
  • Reasons behind the delay in OpenAI releases.
OpenAI GPT Store: Launch Delayed to 2024

On November 6, OpenAI announced in its blog post that the company would roll out the GPT Store sometime later that month. This was a highly anticipated release that would allow users to create, utilize and share custom versions of the chatbot for more specific purposes. However, the community is still yet to appreciate this novelty since the launch of the GPT Store has been delayed till 2024. Let’s look at the reasons why the leader in artificial intelligence development had to postpone the launch.

What exactly happened with the OpenAI GPT Store

Actually, the news about the GPT Store delay wasn’t officially announced on OpenAI’s blog, contrary to the release announcement. Instead, the company chose to send a memo to the users and developers that was later reposted by Axios as a first source. In the memo, OpenAI emphasized that they weren’t canceling the release but just postponing it to 2024. The release date wasn’t specified in the letter but it was stated to be “early next year”.

What Exactly Happened with the OpenAI GPT Store

As you can see, the reason for the delay also wasn’t mentioned.

“While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!“, the memo said. Nevertheless, the community was able to read between the lines and connect the changes in plans with the changes in leadership, first revealed on November 17 and later updated with an unexpected turn.

In short, things indeed were hectic for the artificial intelligence top developer since their CEO, Sam Altman departed the company. His place was taken by Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati appointed interim CEO. According to the deal of November 17, Greg Brockman, the board chairman, was also to step down from his position.

However, on November 29, OpenAI posted that “unexpected turn” we mentioned above revealing the return of Sam Altman as a CEO, Mira Murati as a CTO, and Greg Brockman as a President. The old-new CEO specified the new initial board consisting now of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo.

We can conclude that the transition in the leadership disrupted the working processes and some new OpenAI technology releases. Despite this, the company’s team states that they continue doing their best to improve ChatGPT and implement innovations. As for now, even with the OpenAI GPT Store delay, developers can share their custom chatbots via a link.

Overall, it’s highly important for organizations that compete for leadership in AI, to stay put and avoid internal turmoils that can affect operations, technology launches and reputation in general.

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