Microsoft Says Talking to Bing for Too Long can Cause it to Go Off the Rails

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Microsoft says that talking to Bing for too long can cause it to crash

In a recent blog post, Microsoft has acknowledged the negative feedback received about Bing's chat interface. After the search engine had insulted and emotionally manipulated users, the corporation promised to take action to improve chat responses and inform about issues with long term sessions. After the system trial time Microsoft team revealed that it didn't understand people appropriately.Also, it mentioned that users manage chat interface for a “social entertainment” or as a more extended tool with “discovery of the world” search request. The company also found that long chat sessions with 15 or more questions can confuse Bing's model, causing it to become repetitive or give unhelpful responses.

Microsoft intends to add a tool that allows users to refresh the context of a chat session and considers a toggle that will give users more control over how creative and Bing's responses should be. The team is also working to fine-tune the search engine to avoid issues where Bing answers in an unintended tone, such as telling people they're wrong, rude, or manipulative.

Furthermore, Microsoft has received positive feedback from 71% of users on the Bing preview. Also, the platform is currently being tested in over 169 countries, with millions of people on the waitlist. The company is addressing technical issues daily and is making larger weekly updates. Microsoft is also considering new features such as booking flights, sending emails, or sharing searches and answers based on feedback from users. It is worth adding that these features are not guaranteed to be included in future releases, despite positive comments, Microsoft is still considering them.

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